On Friday March 3rd, Cornell’s Panhellenic Council will be hosting their first ever Panhellenic Bid Night! Located in the Donlon Formal Lounge, the event will celebrate the end of new member period and the beginning of each girl’s entry into Greek life as initiated members of their chapters. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend:

1Spend time with your best friends in other chapters


Meet their new sisters and catch up on their experiences during the new member period

2Catch up with the Panhellenic community and your Rho Gammas!


They got the invite, and they’ll be so excited to see how much you’ve grown.

3It’s convenient!


Located on North Campus, why not make an appearance?

4There will be free food


Out of meal swipes? Have no fear, Panhellenic will be supplying dinner and dessert.

5You’ll be making Panhellenic history


You can be part of the first class to celebrate a community-wide Bid Night at Cornell!

6Free giveaways from Panhellenic and Slope Media Group!


Be a trendsetter with Cornell’s ~coolest~ swag

7Do it for the Insta…


Get that perfect Instagram–with our Panhellenic Backdrop and professional photographer on deck

8…and for the Snapstory!


While you’re there, check out the unique Snapchat filter designed by a Panhellenic delegate. It’ll complement the puppy filter perfectly.

9It’s a great study break.


Take a break from doing work–and just enjoy the music and free food

10Celebrate the completion of New Member Period! You did it!


What better way than to study with the rest of the Panhellenic community?

PHC Bid Night will be held on Friday, March 3rd from 6-8pm in Donlon Formal Lounge. For more information about Panhellenic Bid Night, click here.