You’re a senior now, a master of Cornell’s social scene. Over the last four years you’ve grown up (sort of) and your priorities have changed. And because you know just what to expect, parties can get a little old. You assume the event will get shut down by eleven or get too sweaty to breathe. But you also realize you can do whatever you want without judgment. Here are 10 thoughts you find consistently going through your head as a senior walking into a party.

1Who don’t I know here?

After four years, you can *finally* walk through the door of the party without being asked those dreaded five words that have become an adage in the Cornell social scene. No more struggling to remember the kid’s name who sat next to you in Oceanography or the kid’s name from your high school. You walk right in and start giving out hugs like it’s Christmas day.


2Can I wear sweatpants?

Freshman year you took every night out as an opportunity to get decked out; now, you no longer need to put effort into your outfit. Who cares about dressing to impress? If you want to wear that comfy t-shirt, wear it. And if all else fails, wear all black.


3Will someone get the freshmen off the tables?

Dancing on tables are not a good look. You learned that the hard way.


4Can I un-see that?

Did he really eat that off the floor? Did she really drink pickle juice? Did you actually just step in that? After four years of skeevy frat basements and gross party habits, you could write a book.


5Do I know you?

Of everyone you have met the last four years, it’s hard to keep track of who you know–especially when your relationship doesn’t exist outside of a dark, loud room where you say hello and keep walking. If you’re a sorority girl, you may even find yourself unable to discern which girls are actually in your house anymore.


6Am I becoming a cougar?

With Cornell’s limited dating pool, you might find yourself eyeing that freshman who looks too cute to be only 18. So what if you face the prospect of waking up in a North Campus dorm the next day? You’ve got nothing to lose.


7Do I actually have to talk to anyone?

You worked hard to make the life-long friends that you have had since freshman year. If you would rather stay in a corner with your squad than be social, even though this is why you come to a party, you are not alone.    


8Can we go get food?

You are way more excited about late night CTP than the party itself. Every minute you are not eating Dos Amigos or Wings Over, you are crying inside.


9Anyone else miss Pixel?

You grew up in the good old days when hanging at Pixel Alley and meeting your crush for After Hours were the norm. The younger classes don’t understand these feelings of bliss, but we must live with emptiness in our hearts.


10Can we go home yet?

Every senior knows that the best part of a night out is finally going home. There is no more pressure to stay until the party ends, and as a senior, you may tend to leave a little early with absolutely no regret.

However jaded you are with the party scene here at Cornell, these are our glory days; for maybe the last time in our lives, we are at the top of the food chain and Thursdays count as the last day of the week. Seniors, live it up while you can!