Cornell is a very busy place, and it can be tricky to find time to work out. But no fear! Here are 11 simple exercises provided by our beloved campus.


1. Beebe Lake Jog

Exactly how it sounds. Breath deeply and take long strides as you explore the beautiful scenery that made Ithaca so famous. Bonus workout: wear an ‘Ithaca is Gorges’ t-shirt to truly celebrate the Ithaca outdoors.

2. Bus Stop Sprint

Need a short aerobic workout? A 10-yard dash to the bus stop as the #72 cruelly pulls away will get the heart pumping like no other. Coupled with the adrenaline from the fear of missing your class, this the perfect exercise to burn off all the calories from the extra waffle that made you tardy in the first place. Bonus: Wave your hands frantically for an additional metabolism boost.

3. Ho Plaza Fast Feet

Navigate through a nebulous maze of paper and people, while dodging bicycles and pieces of litter. Builds agility and improves footwork.

4. Dining Hall Yoga

This is easy to fit in to any meal. Just balance four or more plates of food while attempting to find a seat in a crowded dining hall. This will increase upper arm strength, shoulder flexibility, and stamina.

5. Essay Marathon

Want an excellent finger workout? Try typing a thousand word paper the morning it’s due! This will burn calories and tone your fingers, giving your hands that sexy build that will drive the crowds wild.

6. Textbook Ironman

No better way to beef up those spectacular shoulders than to race to class with those pricey textbooks in your backpack. Just make sure to alternate shoulders, so your deltoids don’t get unevenly swole.

7. Bubble Acrobatics

Did you know those giant white semi-spheres underneath Milstein Hall are designed for handstands? Well, they certainly are now. Just make sure to get pics, because if you don’t Instagram your #yoga, did it really happen?

8. Late-to-Lecture Hurdles:

Climb over rows of filled seats five minutes late into lecture. Must maximize speed while maintaining subtlety. If you step on anyone’s foot or fall into someone’s lap, return to the aisle and start all over again. Develops concentration and patience.

9. ID Stretching

Use your key card to open a door without removing it from your pocket. This will require balance, as you raise your knee, positioning your pocket close enough to the card reader. Excellent for toning calves and hips.

10. Clock Tower Skip

A twist on the classic clock tower climb. For this one, hop on a single foot for five steps, then switch to the other foot, repeating this all the way to the top. Variations include switching every ten steps, forty steps, and 80 steps.

11. Climbing Libe Summit

Hike up the infamous Slope at midnight while slightly inebriated. Be honest, you’ve done this dozens of times. And it’s perfect for burning off all the carbs from beer pong.

These 11 simple workout ideas can provide just the exercise you need during the hustle and bustle of Cornell life. Good luck, and enjoy your new fit lifestyle!