With the freakishly warm weather and the fact that spring is almost here, your parents might have decided to take your siblings on college tours and have made Cornell one of the stops.  Because spending the entire weekend dealing with your siblings probably isn’t ideal, it’s good to plan ahead. Here are some ideas of how you can spend time with your family and actually enjoy it:


1Give them the ~real~ tour.


It’s much more interesting to learn about how great our school is from someone you know rather than taking an official campus tour and learning about how many libraries we have – although that is also impressive.  Take a walk around campus with your siblings and tell them about all of the great memories you’ve made all over campus. This might be the one college tour they actually remember, and a trip down memory lane is always fun when you have an audience who is sincerely interested in your personal life.


2Show them the views.

As we all obviously know, Cornell is a beautiful place, so why not spend some time showing your siblings the views of Cornell?  Watch the sunset on the slope, go hiking at the gorges, or take a walk along the suspension bridge.  With sights this beautiful, you might even forget that you’re spending the weekend dealing with your siblings and take a much needed relaxation break.


3Try the “Fat Kid Burger” at Ithaca Ale House.


This burger is basically every child’s dream because it’s composed of their two favorite foods: a burger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  Some people might say this is excessive, but food lovers know that you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this burger.  And it’s so filling that your siblings will probably need to immediately go home and sleep it off, giving you the night free.


4Go to brunch at the Carriage House Café.


This is a great place to bring your family for quality food in a cozy setting.  They also have Brie-stuffed French toast–need I say more?


5Throw a football on the turf at Schoellkopf Field.


If you have brothers that dream of playing in college and going pro one day, this is for them.  Even if they don’t love sports, it’s still cool to hang out on the turf in a college stadium.


6Listen to the chimes at noon.

Climb the clock tower and get the best view of the campus while listening to the wonderful sounds of Cornell.  Your siblings will probably feel like they’re at Hogwarts, especially if they’re lucky enough to hear the chimes play the Harry Potter theme song.


7Visit the library.



If your siblings want the true Hogwarts experience, there’s no better place than the A. D. White Reading Room in Uris Library.  Go in quickly for the photo op then leave before people get mad at you for making too much noise.


8Bring them to CTB



To give your siblings a feel of the average Cornell student’s daily diet, visit CTB for breakfast or lunch.  Spend some time catching up with your family while enjoying a delicious meal and the relaxing outdoor ambiance under the tent.


9Eat at the Sushirrito Truck



Technically the name of the truck is “That’s How I Roll,” but most people think of it as the place you can buy the greatest food invention ever.  You can’t get a sushi burrito everywhere, so that’s why this is the perfect opportunity for your siblings to experience the magic of the Sushirrito.  The truck can be hard to find–it’s open from 10:30am to 9pm from Sunday to Wednesday on North Campus next to Louie’s Lunch and from 4:30pm to 2am from Thursday to Saturday on College Ave.


10Show them your college dorm

This is a great way to traumatize your siblings by exposing them to the harsh realities of college living.  If you haven’t cleaned your room in a while, all the better–but only if you’re ok with being judged and ridiculed by your siblings.  It’s okay, they will understand soon enough what it’s like living without your parents’ help.


11Go to the Cornell Campus Store


After seeing how amazing Cornell is, your siblings will probably want to stock up on some Cornell gear and imagine themselves as students here one day.  Even if they’re just looking, at least you’ll know what to get your siblings for their next birthday!