Author: Michelle DiGiglio


We obsess over comments, likes, and followers. The endless social media platforms can be somewhat overwhelming. Facebook connects us with friends and family while Instagram allows us to explore our creativity via filters. Twitter lets us share our thoughts at any waking moment and Snapchat let’s us take pretty–or ugly– selfies while proving that we go out on the weekends. Some people are experts at the social media game. But let’s face it – at times, we can all be annoying on social media. Here are 16 social media trends that need to be stopped.

1. The “barista at starbucks spelt my name wrong” snap


How dare the barista put Audrey instead of Aubrey on your pumpkin spice latte!


2. #heartless #blessed #literallydying


Because in reality you’re #exaggerating.


3. “Subtly” matching every brand you own AKA the “I’m rich” insta


Oh, does your Michael Kors bag match your quilted Burberry jacket AND your Beamer today?


4. Excessive selfies


You do not need to remind the world what you look like on a daily basis. Also, we know you didn’t post the first picture you took.


5. Sharing the results of a Buzzfeed quiz


I’m sorry, but we just don’t care which Drake song from 2011 represents you for the month of October, according to a 6 question Buzzfeed quiz.


6. The 80 second Snapchat story


Did you go to a party or something, I couldn’t tell?


7. Deleting an Instagram that didn’t get enough likes


Just embrace it. There’s no shame – it was probably just a bad Insta time.


8. Your weekly horoscope.


I’m glad the stars are aligning JUST for you this week.


9. #MCM or #WCW of your significant other




10. Liking your own picture.


Maybe you do it to get more likes. Or maybe it’s just because you love yourself. Either way, it’s not a good look.


11. That you stayed up past 12:00am studying


“Going up on a Tuesday at Olin tonight,” with the 1:34AM time across your Snapchat of pieces of paper sprawled over your desk next to a cup of coffee in the stacks.


12. Political rants on Facebook.


Yes, I want to hear your sound advice on what this country should be doing, from a true political expert.


13. “Happy Birthday to my love, my literal world.”


That 25+ pic stitch you put together for your bff from home on her birthday is aggressive and nobody is reading that paragraph of a caption that you could’ve just texted her.


14. #Progress pics


Good for you for going to the gym, but does the world need to know every time you go?


15. Duck face


This is not and never has been cute, flattering, or funny.


16. The Like-Minute ratio


No one else is paying attention to it except for you, and it isn’t make or break to have more likes than minutes that you posted it.

The bottom line: put your phone down and stop obsessing over the things that #literally don’t matter. No one cares about your social media status and you shouldn’t either. Focus on real life. It is possible to go to a party without snapchatting it, to go on vacation without posting a picture on Facebook, and to watch a T.V. series and not live-tweet every second of it. And believe it or not, it is possible to eat meals without proving it on Instagram.