#94: Go to an a cappella concert.

Sorry about the quality...But these are the Waiters in tuxes.
Sorry about the quality…But these are the Waiters in tuxes.

If you didn’t go to the Cayuga’s Waiters Spring Fever concert on Thursday, you need to sit down and reevaluate your priorities. Before coming to Cornell, I never understood a cappella. I imagined a bunch of randos who thought they could sing but couldn’t play instruments. Um, wow, I was wrong. I’ve become obsessed with a cappella groups and think they’re just the shit. But the Waiters take the awesomeness that is a cappella to another level.

First off, they’re hot. Like, let’s not pretend that’s not one of the main reasons people love them. They got some damn fine men up there. During the concert, one of my friends turned to me and said, “They’re all definitely getting laid tonight.” I hope they did, they deserved some lovin’ after that performance. Ladies of Cornell, do your duty.

Their choices in songs were also fantastic. They sang When You Were Young by The Killers. Do not judge me when I say that is one of my all time favorite songs. I fell in love with it years ago during my brother’s guitar hero phase. Anyway, they played that and plenty of other awesome songs (I’m not naming them because I don’t remember song titles or artists. Sorry). And it’s not just like they have good voices¾they have talented voices. I’m not on a first-name basis with them (I actually don’t know most of their names…) but they have that guy with the deep voice, they have Ben who can hit those high notes, and one of them just did things with his voice I didn’t know were possible.

I do have one critique of the show. They told the audience they had one song left, sang the song, and left the stage. Naturally, people got up to leave and a lot of the audience left. Then the Waiters came back on stage and were like, “Where are you going? Let’s get the alumni up here.” So with like half the audience gone and people still in the process of leaving, they performed a few more songs with graduated Waiters. They were incredible, but not a lot of people really got to appreciate it because they were all dead set on leaving. It was awkward. That’s also partly the audience’s fault though. Like, you can’t wait ten minutes before going to get drunk? Rude, people. Just rude.

Moral of the story: the Waiters kick ass.