Just some lovely models and me post-walk
Just some lovely models and me post-walk

#87: Have a friend’s parents take you out to eat at John Thomas Steakhouse or Boatyard Grill. My friend and I are dating Sig Nu boys (go ahead, be jealous) and they just finished up their parents’ weekend. Sig Nu held their first annual powderpuff game today to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and my boyfriend, who coached us, got to see just how unathletic I really was. I almost didn’t play because I wanted him to have one last strand of hope that I wasn’t this…unskilled slash unfit. Anyway, at the game I met my friend’s boyfriend’s mom (and let me just say, there’s a reason these boys are so amazing: their mothers) and she ended up taking the four of us out to dinner at the Boatyard Grill.

Side note: I dislike how this number on the list is phrased. It makes it sound like we’re taking advantage of our friend’s parents, which is so not the case.

So she treated us to a fabulous dinner, minus the Grill ran out of the steak she and my friend wanted. Not cool. But it was great because it wasn’t awkward like parental encounters I’ve had in the past have been. Which I guess is probably my fault because I’m a really awkward person until you get to know me and you realize I’m like more than awkward. This mama was so fun, so nice, so words that aren’t generic that I can’t think of. It was lovely.

#112: Be a model in the Cornell Design League’s annual fashion show. My designer drunkenly asked me in Loco last semester to model for her and I’m so glad she did. I was obsessed with my outfit¾it was a high waisted cropped jean pant with a top that I was literally about to steal. It had ridges under the fabric in the shoulders to make it stand up a bit and the fabric itself was a slingy green material. It was so sick! It kind of took up my entire day on Saturday, but I don’t even care because it was so fun. Hanging out backstage, we got to see everyone’s looks before they went on the runway. My designer, who was a fourth level in what’s now actually called the Cornell Fashion Collective, not the Cornell Design League, had eleven looks to show on eleven girls. People were coming up to me afterwards asking about the designer and the clothes.

If you ever have a chance to model in the show, DO IT. You meet some awesome people. Even if you’re a dude, do it. You basically get to see girls in their underwear. There were a few lines that featured men and they were really impressive. Just remember to eat…I only ate breakfast that day. An omelet can only hold a girl over for so long.

Lessons learned: Sig Nu rocks. Their mothers raised them to be perfect. Cornell designers are damn talented so wear their clothes in front of hundreds of people. Eat.