#83: Hit up Group Therapy on Wednesdays at Dunbar’s

Photo credit: Pixel Lounge
Photo credit: Pixel Lounge

This Thursday, I had my first crush party at The Haunt. While I knew there was a bunch of stuff going on all week – let’s be real, no one at Cornell studies sober – I wanted to stay in and rest. Not to mention I had the most work I’ve had all year, which still hasn’t been done. Oops.

But one of my favorite people asked if I was going out on Wednesday, and I haven’t had many chances to go out with her so of course I speed wrote a paper, threw on my heels, and went to Dunbar’s. I told myself and the girls we met up with that I wasn’t going to drink, I just wanted to hang out. After all, it was only like the second or third night I went to bars (newbie, I know). That resolution quickly got broken when someone started pretty much force-feeding me what I thought was beer. After a few cups of that, and drinking another girl’s for her because she was driving but no one seemed to understand that meant she couldn’t be drunk, I was having a great time.

That was how I met Group Therapy. Looking at the 161 list later, I had a huge “ooooh” moment in my head. I would’ve said it out loud, but my roommates were in the room and they don’t need to think I’m any crazier than I am. But everything makes sense now.

Can I also say, that name is so fitting. There were a few of us standing around in a bunched up circle (if you’ve ever been to Dunbar’s, you know it’s the furthest thing from roomy) and I felt like I was de-stressing. I guess it was a combination of hanging out with friends and getting increasingly intoxicated that made it feel like a legit therapeutic conversation. Of course, that led to Pixel at 11:30 where I rocked the stage by myself and made it on the Pixel Facebook page with my new friend. #winning