#141: Ring the giant bell in the Plantations. 

Luckily, I rang the bell over parent’s weekend. I say luckily because I had a lot of life (and a new TV show) to deal with this week, so I didn’t actually accomplish anything else on the list. Sorry. I’m also going to apologize now because my mind feels like a combination of my last blackout plus five cups of coffee so this article is like way discombobulated. Oh my God spellcheck didn’t underline discombobulated. Discombobulated is a real word. Mind. Blown.

I had never been to the plantations and there was supposed to be some chocolate exhibition or tasting or something or other in that area and we all thought it would be a great organized event to attend as a family. However, after my sister and I practically fell asleep after waiting in line for an hour, we decided to cut our losses and explore the plantations. We found our way up to the Newman Overlook and discovered the bell (which is like a gong, so when I initially went through the list I didn’t think I had done it).

The bell was pretty cool – minus the fact that I was a teeny bit hungover and sick. Regardless of my condition, it was a good experience and if I can just take a moment to be sappy (blame the song I’ve had on repeat for an hour), I’d like to say you should go. Just sit up on the ledge and look over the plantations. You’ll feel infinitesimal in the most positive way possible.

After my head had ceased pounding, I took a nap on the ledge until my mother forced a photo shoot, literally five seconds after I woke up (see the photo with my dad and little sister).

Now please just let me rant about this new show I found for like two seconds. It’s called Scandal and I am so ridiculously obsessed it’s not even funny. Olivia Pope is the main character and she is so badass and emotionally confused. I relate to her on so many levels. The girl does not show emotions until it all falls apart. She has connections at the White House, solves crimes, and has this emotionally traumatic relationship with the president. I cannot even explain my love for this show. It pretty much gave me an excuse to cry because my life is emotionally traumatic itself these days but I’m not so fond of letting people know how I feel. So yay for outlets.

But anyway… So yeah… that bell was cool. I promise I’ll be back on track next week.