#137. See how many people you can cram into your dorm room.

I have to preface this by saying this would never happen in my own room. I live in a forced triple in Low Rise 7 and as “fine” as I get along with my roommates… I never have friends over. Luckily, my best friend in the dorm has a single about ten feet from my room, and first semester we actually introduced each other as roommates without even thinking about it. So I’m taking a loose interpretation on what “your dorm room” means.

This was one of the rare nights that my friend (who will remain unnamed for whatever purposes, it sounds mysterious) and I got split up yet still both managed to make it back to Low Rise to sleep. This was actually an accomplishment because I usually ended up…well, not in my own bed. You get the point. Anyway, my friend got home before me and as I entered our suite, I heard her talking rather energetically. I assumed one or two other girls had come back with her, but when I walked into her room, roughly ten other people greeted me from our unit.

Let me explain why this was so strange: first, we do not socialize with the other people in my unit. They’re nice people, but I don’t spend time in the lounge or go out with them. Second, no one is ever in our suite, unless the girl in the double has classmates over to study or another girl wants company to blaze. Finally, I don’t know ANYBODY’S name. Like, no one. It’s so awkward seeing as I live with them and always do the uncomfortable “hey…” when I talk to them.

Apparently this anonymous friend had spent part of the night drawing on the walls of our lounge with highlighter until one of our lovely dorm mates gave her loose-leaf paper to continue expressing her artistic skill. She then migrated to her room, where she invited half the unit. By the time I arrived, they were feasting on goldfish – the giant ass box that kind of makes you have a mental orgasm when you realize someone has it. There were five people piled on her bed, a few sitting in the chair, some scattered on the floor…and let me reiterate: this is a single in Low Rise 7. This room is miniscule. The bed takes up literally half of the room, if not more. My friend didn’t even have a place to sit; she was pacing around, entertaining everyone with her… antics.

I joined in for a while, actually really enjoyed the company of the kids in my dorm, and learned a few names (which I promptly forgot). Couldn’t tell you what we talked about… but hell, it was an experience.