This is a letter I just wrote to my representative. Both a cool and interesting issue to read more look at The theme here is that I have already received a response to my first email on the issue and my congresswoman didn’t even know about it. This is how you get your voice heard and issues heard about.

There are certain glitzy environmental that appear repeatedly on the headlines and in campaigns. Whether clean energy, strip mining, or industrial pollution, these issues all receive press and face time. I am not about to say that they do not deserve the attention they garner. In our own state of Illinois we hear endless speeches about the virtues of clean coal, a contradiction that allows candidates to masquerade as environmental activists. The issue of obsolete dams lacks the flair of larger issues but it is the type of environmental issue that can be fixed quickly and inexpensively. The benefits to ecosystems are innumerable, not to mention in the long run it is fiscally responsible thing to do considering the one time cost of dam removal is significantly less than dam maintenance will be over the long term. This may not be the issue to get you reelected but it is an easy fix that the government can implement that will have long reaching environmental impact. Thank you for your time.