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Jeremy Candelas | President

Hey Slopers! It is an incredible honor to be able to serve as your President again for a second year. I began as a writer for Slope in the spring of my freshman year, later becoming an online editor, and also joining the marketing team. As a result, I have been able to work on several amazing projects with some very outstanding people. Outside of Slope, I am a senior Communication major focusing in Social Influence and Persuasion, with a concentration in Marketing, and I am the General Manager for Risley Theatre. Feel free to contact me at jeremy.candelas@slopemedia.org!

Jess Breytburg | VP of Business Operations

Hi! I’m a senior in CALS, majoring in Applied Economics and Management. I got involved with Slope in the fall of my freshman year, and have absolutely loved being a part of the coolest organization on campus. As VP of Operations, I am looking forward to doing my best to improve our internal and external operations and continue to build on Slope’s immense growth from the past few years. If you have any questions, or just want to get involved, please feel free to contact me at jessica.breytburg@slopemedia.org!

Hadley Parker | VP of Content

Hey guys! My name is Hadley Parker and I’m a Junior majoring in Design & Environmental Analysis in the College of Human Ecology.  I am so excited that I found Slope Media at club-fest my freshman year and have been able to become a part of it.  I’ve loved photography since I was in high school, and being photography director of Slope for a year was the perfect way for me to continue pursuing my passion and to learn more about the organization.  I currently hold the position of VP of Content because I wanted to be more involved in Slope’s overall progress and image at Cornell.  Outside of Slope, I have a radio show for Cornell Radio, and I am also the Public Relations Chairman for my sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma.  Please feel free to contact me at hadley.parker@slopemedia.org

Ali Spandorfer | VP of Outreach

Hey! I’m so excited to be returning as Slope Media’s Vice President of Outreach! During my last term, I increased and strengthened Slope’s relationships with campus organizations and I am looking forward to extending our connections even more. I am a senior Communication major from NYC. I have been a member of Slope Media since my freshman year. My hobbies include baking, exploring, and eating ice cream (preferably phish food or something from Purity). If you are interested in forming a collaboration between your organization and Slope Media, feel free to reach out to me.

Nicole Biton | Editor-in-Chief

Hi! I’m Nicole, and I’m a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in English. I joined Slope Media late at the end of my freshman year, and I’ve loved every minute of it since. I am so proud and so excited to be Slope’s Magazine Editor-in-Chief, and I look forward to contributing to its continued growth and success. Outside of Slope Media, I can be found obsessively checking BuzzFeed, listening to music, reading something, or talking about memes. Please free to contact me with any Slope or magazine-related inquiries at nicole.biton@slopemedia.org!

Jake Friedenberg | Finance Director

Hannah Gendel | Marketing Director

Hi! I am currently a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Psychology with minors in Business and French. As a freshman, I was immediately drawn to Slope Media Group because their content serves as a relatable yet edgy media platform engaging the entire student body and beyond. I am thrilled to start my second term as Marketing Director. I look forward to pursuing my keen interest in marketing and collaborating with Slope’s other departments for innovative and exciting projects. Feel free to reach out to me anytime at hannah.gendel@slopemedia.org.

Kathleen Curtin | HR Director

Hi guys! I am Kathleen Curtin, and am a junior majoring in AEM. I joined Slope Media my freshman fall, and since then, I have loved getting more and more involved! Outside of my work on Slope, I enjoy taking photos, listening to music, and watching 30 Rock. Feel free to reach out to me at kathleen.curtin@slopemedia.org.

Jíde Nwosu | Music Director

Hey guys! This year I’m very excited to be acting as Slope Media’s Music Director. I am a junior in the School of Engineering, and I’ve been a part of Slope Media since the beginning of my freshman year. I’ve worked on a variety of projects with Slope, including writing articles, recording podcasts, and filming 60 seconds, and I’ve had a great time with all of them! You can also find me playing basketball at Newman or Noyes, or attending an event with my Zeta Beta Tau brothers. This year I look forward to growing the Music organization and sharing a lot of music with our fellow Slopers! Anyone can reach out to me at jide.nwosu@slopemedia.org for any questions regarding joining or submitting material to Slope Music.

Grace McBride | Design Director

Hello! My name is Grace McBride, and I am a sophomore majoring in Communication and minoring in Business. I joined Slope Media right when I got to Cornell, and it has been such a rewarding experience. I am so excited to be this year’s Design Director, where I look forward to contributing my passion for all things Slope and design. Aside from Slope Media, I am the Communication Director for the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, and Design Director for Cornell Business Review. When I am not designing, I enjoy reading, dancing, cheerleading, and eating lots of food. Email me at grace.mcbride@slopemedia.org

Joey Hines | Brand Director

Hey! I’m a sophomore majoring in Communication and minoring in Information Science. I joined Slope Media fall of my freshman year on the design team and am very excited to now serve as Brand Director. Since my sophomore year of high school, design has been my passion and I’m thankful that Slope has given me an outlet to continue it here at Cornell. Outside of Slope Media, I enjoy memes, CTB, and Instagramable food. Feel free to reach out about all things design or Slope at joseph.hines@slopemedia.org

Trey Duncombe | TV Director

Hello! I am a senior majoring in Government with a minor in Business. I joined Slope Media the spring of my sophomore year and I feel lucky to have been involved in so many amazing projects, including the IFCribz series. The TV department has a lot of new and exciting content coming out and I can’t wait to share it all with you! Outside of Slope Media, I play football and act as the Video Editor for a number of the projects within the School of Hotel Administration. Please feel free to reach out to me at trey.ducombe@slopemedia.org

Alessandra Piccone | Photo Director

Hi! My name is Alessandra Piccone. I’m a junior in the College of Human Ecology studying Fashion Design Management. I’m super excited to serve as Slope Media’s Photography Director after joining the team last semester. I have always had a love for photography, and I could not be happier about getting involved with Slope Media to continue pursuing my passion on campus! In addition to my work with Slope Media, I am the Events Director for my sorority and a marketing officer for Thread Magazine. Please feel free to reach me at alessandra.piccone@slopemedia.org