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Colleen Sorge | President

Hi! I’m Colleen, and I’m a junior in CALS majoring in Animal Science and minoring in English. I joined Slope as a writer my freshman year, and after serving as Magazine Editor-in-Chief last year, I am so honored to be Slope’s President. Outside of Slope, I’m an ambassador for CALS, VP of Pre-Vet Society, and a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta and Matriculate. When not in class, you can find me catching up on celebrity gossip, writing, watching The Office, or missing my dogs. Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss all things Slope at colleen.sorge@slopemedia.org!

Jayne Levy | VP of Operations and Finance

Hi! I’m Jayne and I’m a sophomore  majoring in Applied Economics and Management. I am so excited to be Slope Media’s VP of Operations and Finance this year! My job is to oversee everything that goes on both internally and externally with Slope and to make sure operations and spending are running smoothly. I love working with the wide range of talented members in our organization and facilitating the hard work each of our departments contribute! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at jayne.levy@slopemedia.org.

Fraya Salzman | VP of Content and Outreach

Hi! My name is Fraya Salzman and I’m a freshman studying Communication and Business in CALS. I’m excited to be Slope Media’s incoming Vice President of Content and Outreach! When I joined the Marketing Department the fall of my Freshman year, I was immediately drawn to the fun, welcoming and creative group of people who work for Slope. When I’m not at Slope, I can often be found with an iced coffee in hand, hanging out with friends, or watching Netflix. Please feel free to reach out anytime at fraya.salzman@slopemedia.org.

Katie Fehrenbaker | Editor-in-Chief

Hi, everyone! My name is Katie Fehrenbaker and I’m a sophomore in Arts and Sciences majoring in American Studies and minoring in Psychology. I joined Slope as a writer the fall of my freshman year, and I am so excited and honored to be taking on the role of Editor in Chief with Aliza this year! I’m looking forward to continuing Slope’s tradition of offering exciting and interesting content for Cornell students to enjoy. Outside of Slope, I love watching crime shows, checking Buzzfeed, and hanging out with my friends. Please feel free to reach out to me at katie.fehrenbaker@slopemedia.org!

Aliza Schub | Editor-in-Chief

Hi! I’m Aliza, and I’m a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences, majoring in English (and studying on the pre-med track). I joined Slope Media my first semester freshman year, and I have loved writing for it ever since. I am so excited to be Slope Media’s Co Editor-in-Chief with Katie, and can’t wait to contribute to its continued growth and success. When I’m not writing for Slope, you can find me giving tours around Cornell, reading something, or playing and listening to music. Feel free to contact me with any Slope or magazine related questions at aliza.schub@slopemedia.org!

Debbie Lee | Events Marketing Director

Hi! My name is Debbie Lee and I’m a junior studying Communication and Information Science. I joined the Marketing Department last year, and I loved being involved with the undergraduate community by promoting Slope Media through events and social media marketing. I’m so excited to be Slope Media’s new Events Marketing Director and to get to meet new incomers this semester. I am currently binging on Game of Thrones, but I’m usually more of a Netflix girl. I love meeting new people, exploring new music, and playing the guitar! Feel free to reach out anytime debbie.lee@slopemedia.org.

Kendall Lieberman | Social Media Marketing Director

Hiii!! My name is Kendall Lieberman and I’m a freshman in CALS. I’m currently undecided, but am on a Communications track and intend on minoring in Business. I joined Slope because of how fun and relatable the content is. I’m beyond excited to take on this brand new job as Social Media Marketing Director, and can’t wait to see what Slope has in store this year. Whenever I’m not watching The Office in my dorm, I’m usually on the 3rd floor of Mann, at Terrace eating a burrito bowl, hanging out with my friends, or FaceTiming my dog. Feel free to reach out to me at kendall.lieberman@slopemedia.org! 

Jennifer Guo  | Creative Director

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any brand or design related inquiries at jennifer.guo@slopemedia.org.

Ben Parker | Photo Director

Hello! My name is Ben Parker and I’m a freshman  from New York City studying biological engineering in CALS.  I joined Slope Media this semester as the Photo Director and I’m really excited to be a part of the group.  Outside of class I’m also a staff photographer for the Cornell Daily Sun (running for Assistant Photo Editor) and Cornell Fashion Collective, and I like to exercise and play guitar.  I love film photography and everything photo related, so if you ever wanna chat about photo stuff feel free to email me at benparker@slopemedia.org.  You can also check out my work at benparkerphotos.com.

Syjah Harris | Music Director

Hello all! I’m Syjah (pronounced sigh-uhh), and I’m a junior in ILR with minors in Law & Society, Business and Communication. I joined Slope Music last fall and I’ve absolutely loved working on articles, playlists and the moments just debriefing and talking music with fellow music members. Outside of Slope, I am involved in ILR Student Government and pre-law fraternity Phi Alpha Delta. Other than that, you can find me singing and/or rapping along to the music in my headphones around campus or eating a flatbread at Macs. If you’re interested in becoming a member or submitting content to Slope Music, feel free to contact me at syjah.harris@slopemedia.org

Sophia Mathews | TV Director

Hi, I’m Sophia! I’m a freshman majoring in Communication and I joined Slope last semester.  I’m extremely excited to be on the TV Team making fun content for the Cornell student body!  Outside of Slope Media, I’m involved in Women’s Health Initiative and the SA Dining Committee, and you can also find me snapping pictures of my food or listening to Maggie Rogers.  Feel free to shoot me an email anytime at sophia.mathews@slopemedia.org.