Studying for prelims is the worst of the worst. When it comes to procrastinating, we can get really creative. At the end of the day, I’d almost rather do anything else before actually studying, like any of these:

1. Take a nap on my desk at the library

2. Take a nap anywhere, even for seven minutes

3. Wait on line at Terrace for a burrito bowl at 12:30 pm (Peak lunch time)

4. Wait for a table in Zeus to open up for 40 minutes

5. Take the swim test again

6. Climb the 161 steps up to the clock tower all 3 times on the same day

7. Go bowling at the Helen Newman lanes

8. Kayak in Beebe lake

9. Spend the day in office hours

10. Do an extra CHEM 2070 lab… and stay the full 3 hours

11. Take the general campus tour and ask my tour guide questions that I know the answers to already

12. Visit the admissions office to see if they still have my Common App

13. Take the C2C to NYC just to get a bag of party mix

14. Ride the TCAT to and from the vet school all day

15. Walk up the slope at 8:00 AM

16. Walk from North campus to the Engineering Quad in mid January

17. Cry

18. Cry more

19. Have a 3 hour long dinner for no reason(@Freshmen in RPCC from 5:30-8:30 p.m.)

20. Call my parents

21. Almost anything else you can think of that isn’t studying for my prelim