We all know that Instagram is one of the best apps for social networking and sharing pictures. But recently, the proliferation of memes has led to the formation of an underground Instagram culture, with numerous accounts dedicated to publishing memes that are obscure, quirky, or just plain weird. Here at Cornell, we, too, have some lesser known meme accounts that comment on aspects of Cornell life. In case you don’t already follow them, here are four Cornell-related Instagram handles that may have flown under your radar:



Most people our age are obsessed with memes, myself included. The account takes popular memes and applies them to Cornell life. (And if that’s not enough to hook you, the account’s profile picture is of Bill Nye.)  It honestly so funny to see what this account comes up with. From making fun of Cornell social life to straight up savage comments about what academics are really like, @cornellmemes always has something to brighten up your news feed.



This account is undeniably one of my favorites. It is always funny to see some stressed out student crashed from their caffeine high in the most unimaginable positions and places. Luckily I have never been claimed a victim, but there are plenty of our fellow students who have trouble staying awake around campus… If you’re looking for some interesting and entertaining photos on your Insta feed, this one is definitely a must follow.




This account is definitely the most random and creative on this list, and maybe ever. @cornellgossipsquirrel basically just posts pictures of squirrels–most of them not from Cornell’s campus–with really long captions making fun of the Cornell way of life. It sounds weird, but given the fact that the squirrels in Ithaca occupy such a large presence in our campus culture, it’s makes a lot more sense. Besides, who doesn’t want a hilarious picture of a squirrel with an accompanying sarcastic caption on their feed?



@cornellgeese presents a satirical perspective on Cornell student’s tendencies to buy one and only one jacket brand: Canada Goose. It’s actually insane how when walking around campus almost every single person is wearing the exact same jacket. Two Chainz should write a song for Cornell titled “I’m Not Different.” This account is actually so entertaining and makes fun of Cornell students for basically being “a flock of Canada geese.”

To be honest, any of these accounts are the perfect addition to your insta feed. From hysterical photographs of real students to satirical posts about campus life, these accounts are sure to make you laugh.