You have three prelims coming up, a paper, an interview, your laundry is piling up and it’s the third time this week you’ve had cereal for dinner. Add in bad weather, and it will really make for a long time since you’ve seen the gym. Sound familiar? As busy college students, our attention to our health often goes by the wayside. But staying healthy both physically and mentally should be a top priority. Luckily for us, there are numerous apps available at the click of a button that make staying healthy effortless, and at little to no cost.


FitStar Yoga

This app is free on an iPhone or iPad. While premium will unlock more workouts and a personal trainer program, the free version has tons of options. Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner–you can personalize the workouts by rating poses as too easy, just right, or too hard. The workout choices also vary in length, so you can stretch out and unwind for as little as 15 or as long as 45 minutes.


Simple Habit

If you’ve never tried meditation, starting with an app is a good way to get into it. Available for free on an iPhone or Android, this app guides you through simple meditation practices to start your day, reduce stress, improve focus, or help you fall asleep. Even if only for five minutes, taking time to just relax and breathe can make a big difference in your day. If you gain nothing else, the soothing Australian voice guiding you will give you some ~good vibes~.


Nike+ Training Club

Feel like a real athlete even if you aren’t–for free on iPhones and Androids. This app has workouts of various length, type and intensity. Workouts range from core strength, abs, to endurance and more. You can even make a personalized workout plan to fit your schedule and desired level of activity, or just do a workout here and there. Many require little or no equipment, so it’s easy to get moving without leaving the comfort of your room!



Getting enough sleep is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. This app monitors your movement and sounds while you sleep to know when you fall asleep and the best time to wake you up. It will show you each morning how long you slept for, the quality of your sleep, and how long you were in deep or REM sleep. It also puts you to sleep and wakes you up with very soothing tones. Pillow is only available on Apple products, but there are many comparable options for Androids, like Sleepbot or Sleep as Android.



Cooking for yourself in college is a big a step into adulthood for many of us. Thankfully, apps such as this iPhone one can make the process easier. This app lets you search for recipes filtering by food allergy, cuisine, and the ingredients you have on hand. It even labels ones that are ‘quick and easy’ and healthy. My favorite feature is the cooking time section–you choose what you are cooking, and the app will tell you how to prepare it and for how long, even starting a timer for you. Now you won’t have to bother each and every one of your roommates to get their opinion on whether your chicken is fully cooked.


Taking care of yourself in college can be hard, but using these apps can be an easy way to stay healthy, focused and happy at Cornell. In the highly stressful and fast-paced environment we live in, it’s important to remember to take a few minutes for ourselves each day. Do some workouts at home, cook dinner with friends, or aim to regulate your sleep schedule. Try a new app a day to keep the doctor away!