If you’ve been feverishly checking your Weather App every morning, have no fear. Spring weather is finally here, and with it… Cornell-A-Palooza! This Saturday, April 14th, the Arts Quad will be transformed by Class Councils for the big event. Here are five reasons you can’t miss it.

11. Music


Cornell-A-Palooza will feature a ton of awesome performers, including XXXSO, Drew’s Mom, Noah Swan, Kristi, Astroslug, Unchained Poetry Group, and Stewart Aslan. They all have different performance styles, so there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone. Plus, you can fool yourself into thinking you’re at a ~glamorous~ musical festival right here on campus!

22. Games


What better way to relieve prelim stress? Games=fun. Enough said.

33. Food


Nothing speaks to college students quite like free food, and Cornell-A-Palooza will have lots of it. Come stuff your face with delicious snacks!

44. Raffles


Free food and free stuff?! This event has it all! Try your luck and enter to win some awesome prizes!

55. Community


Hundreds of people attended this event last year, and even more are expected to attend this year. Cornell-A-Palooza will be  the perfect venue to meet new people, hang out with friends, and celebrate our school. And make sure to take some Insta-worthy pics! Performances start at noon; see you there!