5 Reasons to Attend Cornell’s First Annual MakerFaire

Lauren Song

Are you interested in STEM, the arts, humanities, startup businesses, or hobbyist communities? Then come to Cornell’s first Maker Faire this Saturday,  April 29, 2017. In case you didn’t know, a Maker Faire is considered the largest “show-and-tell” on earth and is a collaborative display of the work completed by students and members of a community. Below are five reasons why Cornell’s first Maker Faire is a can’t-miss event:


1Listen to live musical performances by Cornell students:


Want to see your friends perform live? Come listen to some of Cornell’s very own musical groups, including Yamatai, <3 Acapella, Illuminations, Wushu, and Absolute Zero!

2Attend workshops held by student organizations and invited sponsors.


Groups on campus such as Autonomous Bicycle and Cornell ChemE Car will be holding court, allowing students to participate in interactive workshops.


3Enjoy the show-and-tell exhibit.


Walk around the arts quad and enjoy the many inventions of the Maker movement.


4Learn from renowned speakers.


Listen to great speakers at MakerFaire, such as Dave Schneider and Valerie Mack.


5Free Food!


Because who doesn’t love College events that provide food?


Head to the Arts Quad on Saturday, April 29th to support your fellow classmates and be a part of the first Cornell Maker Faire!