College kids love to eat, but cooking for ourselves can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily for us, we have a lot of great food options all around Cornell. Ithaca boasts a great little town filled with amazing restaurants. Believe it or not, we’re actually surrounded by more restaurants per capita than New York City! Cornell’s campus also isn’t too shabby. We have many Hotelies who are great chefs, and even have our own student run restaurant, The Establishment. To top it all off, Cornell’s dining halls are also ranked the third best dining hall food by the Princeton Review. To showcase these great qualities, some students here have created Instagrams dedicated to Cornell and Ithaca’s food. Here are six accounts you need to be following:



This account is run by a senior at Cornell University who is “on a mission to find the most delicious food in the world.” Her food Instagram has over 5,000 followers and shows some of Cornell’s best food, trendy eateries in NYC, as well as many homemade dishes. Her pictures are seriously high quality, trendy, and honestly mouthwatering.



This food account is truly dedicated to all things Cornell and Ithaca. Give it a follow for amazing photos of Wafflefrolic, Agava, Applefest, as well as photos from follower’s submissions. This is a great account to make sure you are keeping up with the food trends on Cornell’s campus, and supporting a group of students “eating their way through Ithaca.” Their pictures consist of all things food: from delicious desserts to savory avocado toast and burratas, they’re definitely nailing this whole food Instagram thing.



It is clear that the owner of this account loves to try new foods, I mean, her bio is “Eating is my hobby!” With over 2,000 followers, this account really showcases a variety of foods and it’s almost like the owner’s virtual food blog. This foodie accepts DM’s of food pictures, so there’s a good chance you could be featured! The photos range from NYC, Boston, Mets games, Cornell and back. This account is definitely a good indication of the types of yummy foods you can make at home, but that you can also get at local Ithaca restaurants as well as in NYC. Froyo, pasta, and pizza are no strangers to this foodie’s Instagram.



This account is run by a member of Slope! Following this foodie means seriously lituations including: homemade meals made in Ctown, dank pictures of sushi burritos, and Souvalki house pasta and pizza (and maybe some hot dog buns.) This foodie eats her way between NYC, Long Island, and, of course, Ithaca. This account keeps thing fun and flirty by having some ironic food pictures and by not taking things too seriously. Follow this account if you want some food humor, want to submit some of your own lit food pics, or are a die hard fan of pasta and anything delicious.



An up and coming food account, Big Red Bites is sure to impress. The food pictures they post never fail to make me hungry. I always wonder where they get the food and what it’s called so I can order it for myself. The best thing about this account is that it’s all about Cornell – they even post photos of Trillium, Terrace, and Statler. This account truly presents Big Red pride, and celebrates the amazing quality of food we have here on campus and in the surrounding Ithaca community. Look forward to many pictures of sushi burritos, Martha’s, Trillium salads, and more!



This account is ahhhh-mazing. Literally drool worthy. It is run by a Cornell student going to culinary school, so you know it’s full of good stuff. The Betchy Chef is a Chicago native, so many of her pictures are from Chicago. She also posts many pictures of Ithaca foods, Cornell Hotel culinary classes, and NYC. Her instas tend to air toward the fancier side, with seriously beautiful meals and desserts.


Food Instagrams are a great way to get involved with the local community, and ensure that you are supporting the small local restaurants in town. Cornell and Ithaca have so much to offer us as college students, it is important we take advantage of it! It also is a great way to keep up with the trendiest foods, and give your Instagram feed a little deliciousness.