Today, Cornell’s Convocation Committee announced that the speaker at this year’s graduation will be none other than former vice president and meme superstar, Joe Biden. Even though he’s out of the White House, Biden still keeps plenty busy: he was recently named both a professor at the University of Pennsylvania as well as the founding chair of the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware, and has enacted the “Cancer Moonshot” agenda in efforts to fight the terrible disease. Somehow, though, he’s making time to speak to the future leaders of America (aka, the Class of 2017). In case you don’t already know everything about America’s favorite former-VP, we’ve got you covered.


1He was elected to Congress at the age of 29.

You actually have to be 30 to be a Senator, but Joe was elected just shy of his 30th birthday. He was sworn in shortly thereafter, making him the youngest in the Senate (and fifth-youngest in history to be elected).


2He used to have a dog named Senator.

Before he serving a seat in the US Senate, Biden revealed his political proclivities through his pup, which he bought with his first wife while he attended law school. I guess his career plans weren’t that far-fetched.


3His favorite food is pasta.

Joe and his wife Jill actually have a really great pasta caprese recipe. Just sayin’.


4He used to have a stutter.

Just like other famous leaders, including King George VI and Winston Churchill.


5His middle name is Robinette.

We just think this is a funny name.


6He’s seen the Obama-Biden memes – and he has a favorite.

It’s this one, because we know you all were wondering.