Whether you’re driving home in a car with three random Cornellians or embarking on three-day road trip with your bestie, surely you can never have too many conversation topics for a long car ride. In the chaos that ensues with prelims and papers in the weeks before break, sometimes we don’t always have time for long, spontaneous discussions. The car is the perfect place to talk about whatever is on your mind and more. Here are some ideas:

11. The prospect of combining ILR and Human Ecology


You may or may not have seen the article with the proposition to combine these two Cornell colleges in the near future. One thing is for sure: if you are riding with a student in ILR or Human Ecology, he/she will have something to say about this. Because of the hectic nature of school recently, you may not have been able to ponder this idea or how you feel about it, so the car ride is a perfect opportunity to let your mind wander and discuss the pros and cons for combining the schools or leaving them as they are.

22. Spring break plans


Whether you plan on sleeping for ten days straight, observing the holiday, or going on an interesting trip or travel adventure, there is no better feeling than heading home from school for a short break after so many consecutive weeks of classes. Everyone deserves a break at this point in the semester, so feel free to psych yourself out and share your plans with the rest of the Cornellians in the car.

33. Home-stretch of the school year


It is crazy to believe that when we return to school from Spring Break, there will be only 4.5 weeks of classes left before Slope Day and finals period! There are tons of events occurring at Cornell within that last month, and you likely have some exciting things planned for the home-stretch of the semester. Whether this includes a formal, date night, fun dinner, or even sitting on the slope when the weather improves, it is fun to talk about the end of the year with people who are probably just as excited as you are.

44. The work you have over break


As much as we all want to truly take a break and not think about school at all for the next week, there are undoubtedly assignments you have when you return, or perhaps even a prelim in that first week back. If there’s anyone who can empathize with your situation, it’s your friends on the ride home from school. We all have responsibilities to school, and sometimes you just need people to affirm how difficult school is.

55. Your most recent prelim


While taking prelims is sometimes scary in the moment, sometimes, they provide you with great stories to tell in the coming days or weeks. If you have a story to share, the car is the perfect time to get it off your chest. If you happen to share a class with someone in the car, this conversation will be even more relevant.

66. People who recently got into Cornell


The Class of 2022 just received their admissions decisions, and you may know several people from your high school or home town that are among them. Especially if there is good news to share, this is a fun conversation topic for a long car ride.