From small dogs to big dogs and frat dogs to guide dogs in training, campus is full of dogs galore. Any pet automatically brightens a student’s day, and these pups are no exception. For everyone stressed out about approaching finals or missing their pets from home, here’s a compilation of dogs spotted on campus with some insight into their lives.



Spotted: Near RPCC

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Basil has spent 7 years on campus and loves going for walks. He doesn’t need a leash and loves hanging out with students. An added bonus is how his adorable little harness compliments his white fur. Basil resides in Jameson if you want to pay a visit!



Spotted: Outside Helen Newman

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Hank is 4 years old and loves meeting students. He’s very well-behaved and one of the most confident dogs around! Hank lives in Dickson so don’t be afraid to drop in and say hi!



Spotted: Bethe

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Mira is 14 years old and loves to take some quick dips in the gorges. She enjoys playing with students and relaxing outside on the lawn. If you’re down on West make sure to stop in for a petting session.



Spotted: Ag Quad

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Wilson is well-behaved and well-trained. He’s in the process of becoming a guide dog and we’re all super excited for him. Best of luck to him when he takes his next steps to becoming certified!



Spotted: Near RPCC

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Duncan loves to go for walks and hikes. He’s very excitable and has fun meeting new people. Duncan has undergone a lot of training and fancies learning new tricks.


Oh Papa

Spotted: In Klarman

Photo by Nikita Forrester

Oh Papa was just visiting campus, but immediately fit in and loved the environment. This little Chihuahua loves running up and down stairs as fast as he can. Hopefully you’ll run into him before he skips campus!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the dogs and are excited to find some new feline friends. Dogs are loyal, kind, and are perfect to distract students from looming stress and overwhelming work. If there was a class where you could play with dogs all day school would be so much easier, but for now we can enjoy some downtime with these gems on campus.



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