Thinking of pursuing a career in fashion? Looking to network with other Cornellians in the industry? Look no further! Next Saturday April 22nd, from 8-11 in the HEB Commons, Cornell’s Careers in the Fashion Industry is proud to host its annual Fashion Speaks Gala. Boasting a panel of speakers and awesome activities, this event is a great opportunity for students to interact with alumni and learn what it’s like to work in the fashion industry. Still not convinced? Here’s six reasons why attending the CIFI Fashion Speaks Gala is the perfect way to spend your Saturday night:

1It’s focused on sustainability.

What do recycling and fashion have in common? They can both help save the earth. This year’s Gala focuses on sustainability and social responsibility, and how fashion can fit into the picture and be better for everyone involved.

2The prizes are dope.

As always, the CIFI Gala is proud to offer a series of awesome raffle prizes for its attendees to win. This year’s lineup includes a lot of luxury products including luggages, handbags, and shoes. And if that’s not enough, there will be free goodies for everyone who purchases a raffle ticket!

3It’s a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

In keeping with the theme of sustainability, the gala just ~happens~ to fall on one of the best days of the year: Earth Day! So your attendance will enable you to not only learn more about careers in fashion, but also honor this beautiful planet we call home.

4You’d be supporting Cornell’s resident fashion designers.

Here at Cornell we’re lucky enough to have some of the brightest budding talents in fashion. If you missed the CFC show, the Level 4 designers will have some of their looks on display. Come chat with them about their collections and their experiences in the fashion industry. The gala will also feature an exhibit about designing for individuals disabilities.

5There will the best panel of speakers yet.

This year’s speaker panel is not just the best, but also the largest panel the CIFI Gala has had yet. Come receive wisdom from professionals at the forefront of fashion, including the CIO of J.Crew, the editor of The Cut, R&D specialists for Eileen Fisher and Rebecca Taylor, the Trend Forecaster from Nordstrom, and a Product Developer for a Manrepeller-approved athleisure startup.

6It’s the perfect night out.

If for nothing else, it’s a great chance to get all dressed up and celebrate what fashion means to you. Bring your date or your squad, and get your picture taken just like on the red carpet.


So what are you waiting for? Purchase your tickets at today!