Jealous of all your friends at Coachella? Envying over the live music and fabulous photo-ops? Well have no fear because this Saturday, April 22nd, Class Councils will host Cornell-A-Palooza. Featuring local student artists and performance groups, this event is not one to miss. Here’s why you must attend Cornell-A-Palooza:

1Music performances by 7 groups and individual acts.

Listen to some ~sweet~ tunes and jam out with your friends!


2All of the performers are Cornell students.

Support your classmates and friends that are performing.


3There will be free food

Best news ever.


4Frolick on the Arts Quad

There will be beach balls, frisbees, field sports equipment, and more!


5Get your face painted

Maybe just a cute flower will be enough.


6Do it for the Insta

People will basically think you’re at Coachella.


Make sure to stop by Cornell-A-Palooza this Saturday, April 22nd. Gates open at 12:30pm and make sure to bring your Cornell ID. For more information, click here