Roommates: they can be some of your best friends, or the banes of your existence. But whether you love or hate the idea of having a roommate, you’ll almost definitely have one over the span of your time here at Cornell, unless you somehow manage to always get a single—in which case props to you. But for us plebeians who have to share our living space, here are the various types of roommates we’ve all had or will have:

1The Early Riser

They absolutely have to wake up at seven thirty so they can make it to their morning classes, inevitably waking you up with their alarm. You can usually identify an early riser by their weirdly chipper demeanor despite the ungodly hour, or their under-caffeinated shuffling around as they get ready, their apologizing for waking you up, and the dead look in their eyes.

2The Messy Roommate

The messy roommate tries so hard but can never manage to keep their side of the room clean. They start out with the best intentions of making their bed every morning or not letting their clothes pile up on the laundry chair, but as the semester goes on they give up and begin the slow, inevitable slide into accepting their messiness.

3The Chill Roommate

The chill roommate doesn’t care what you do as long as you don’t bother them. You can pull all nighters with the light on, Facetime your friends and family, or have guests over, as long as you don’t mess with them, their schedule, or their stuff.

4The Absent Roommate

This type of roommate is literally never in the room. Despite the fact that they’re supposedly living with you, you’ve seen them maybe once and it was during move in. You figure they must be at class, club meetings, or out partying with friends, but you know where they’re not? Your room. But it could be worse. You can’t fight with them if they’re not there.

5The Roommate Who Never Leaves

The opposite of the absent roommate. Every time you walk into the room, this type of roommate is always there. You wonder if they even go to class or if they’re just out at the same time you are because it’s really unclear. It’s nice to have a bestie who’s always around, but you are starting to miss alone time.

6The Perfect Roommate

This is the roommate who make you feel bad about yourself because they’re so perfect. They somehow manage to be chipper even when they get up early in the mornings, they always manage to make the bed, their side of the room is decorated amazingly, and they always look put together. You’re often left wondering how you could compare to such a flawless human being.

There are lots of different types of roommate you could have, but it’s also important to remember that not only are you sharing a room with your roommate, they’re also sharing a room with you. Maintaining the room and relationship isn’t only on them, so try and remember that it’s  your responsibility to be a good roommate too.