We’re almost there, people! Fall Break is just around the corner. Right now classes may be at their busiest, and you may be calling even your very existence into question–but don’t worry, fellow Cornellians. I’m here to tell you that we can make it through. Here are six simple tricks to make these last few days a bit more bearable.

1Embrace the fall season


It might be difficult to get into the fall spirit given the ridiculously hot weather lately. Still, the season of pumpkin spice lattes, light jackets, and apple-picking is upon us. Before you can get to the “break” in Fall Break, you have to get to the “fall.”

2Imagine a life without homework


Right now we’re drowning in work, but there is life beyond these textbooks. And in a matter of weeks we can cast the work aside and actually have some free time! I can see it now… a day with nothing to do. There will be no alarm to set on your phone, no class to sprint to. Fall Break is the perfect time for a good, old-fashioned Lazy Day.

3Watch Netflix


Bingeing your favorite shows will definitely help the time pass faster and will offer a study break essential for your mental health. If you get a look from a neighbor in the library, assure them that you’re just checking that your account password works in anticipation of break.

4Set a soundtrack to your life


The last few weeks before break are always something of an emotional marathon. Make your playlist your therapist. When the prelim blues have got you down, there are dozens of country singers willing to commiserate alongside you. When you’re having trouble getting going for the day, amp up with some power ballads. And when you finish that miserable test, it’s time to swipe to the Okenshields Playlist because it’s party time!

5Get in touch with friends


To get yourself pumped, reach out to friends who you’ll be seeing during break. It’ll remind you that soon enough all of your studying hardships will just make for another story in the repertoire you’ll be proudly sharing with friends and family.

6Go to office hours


I recommend going to office hours for your peace of mind and also for the sheer satisfaction of telling your prof, “Have a good break!” Who cares if it’s only two days? As far as I’m concerned, that’s a lifetime.

By now you may be wistfully sipping your apple cider and watching the minutes tick away in increasing desperation, but fear not. Regardless of your chosen coping mechanism, rest assured that sooner or later Fall Break will be here, and Slope will be racing towards it alongside you.