Author: Priscilla Blum


It’s official: spring is here. The sun is shining for the first time since October, it’s warm enough to walk to class instead of taking the TCAT, and if we’re lucky, have the opportunity to wear a tank top with shorts. Best yet is that now that the weather is nice enough, there are a million more ways to procrastinate. Though the possibilities are endless, here’s a list of six to name a few:


1. Spring Cleaning

Springtime in Ithaca means (hopefully) no more snow! Now it’s time to pack away those thick sweaters and heavy jackets.


2. Hang out in a hammock.

Hammocks are very dynamic. You can study in them AND nap in them, all the while basking in the Ithaca sun.


3. Get active!

Summer is right around the corner, and with this nice weather, you have no excuse not to exercise. Get some friends together for some ultimate frisbee or simply take a stroll around campus. If you’re really ambitious, you could even go on a run.


4. Explore Nature:

Spring is the perfect opportunity to get that insta-worthy pic of the gorges you’ve been waiting for.


5. Enjoy your favorite springtime foods.

Warm weather means the return of iced coffees, barbecues, and impromptu trips to the Dairy Bar. Can I get a hell yeah?


6. Go to a live performance.

Listen to a musician play on acoustic guitar. Throw your extra cash in their guitar case to show appreciation. (Some artists may accept bursar.) If you can’t find anyone jamming out on the grass, do it yourself! Don’t worry if the haters urge you to stop – they’re just jealous.

Make sure to enjoy all of these fun alternatives to studying before you need to buckle down for finals!