Author: Molly Kluger


It’s that time of year again: cold and flu season has begun here at Cornell, and based on the constant sound of coughing you heard while taking your first prelims, no one will be spared. Chances are you or someone in your group of friends is sick, was sick, or is in the process of becoming sick. And let’s be really honest here – the last thing Cornell students need to prevent us from the myriad of obligations we have is a sore throat. Luckily, there are some preventative measures you can take so that you won’t get stuck with a cold. Here are six DIY tips for staying healthy.




Remember when you were in elementary school, and you looked forward to starting each day with a Flintstone Gummy Vitamin? Well, pretend you’re that excited to drink an Emergen-C pack, and take one every day. The vitamins in it will help your immune system stay in top shape. (#tip: Pink Lemonade is the best flavor.)



2. Get your flu shot


Whether you opt for the needle or are more inclined to the nasal spray, this is one preventative measure you should definitely take. Say it with us now: shots, shots, shots, shots, shots, shots!



3. Be a germophobe: don’t share drinks


We all have that one friend who’s a total germaphobe, and no matter how hard you beg, they will never give you a sip with you that really amazing-looking drink they ordered from Starbucks. Be this friend. By sharing drinks or food, you are basically asking to become sick.



4. DRANK (water)


You’ve heard it so many times – and it’s true. Drinking water throughout the day can really prevent your body from becoming susceptible to germs. Stay hydrated and be eco-friendly by investing in an over-priced Cornell water bottle from the Cornell Store. Drink up!



5. Sleep more


Experts say young adults (especially college students) should be sleeping at least 9 hours a night. While this may seem like an unrealistic dream for most Cornell students, start aiming to sleep for longer than you usually do. Sleeping is a biological necessity, and you have no excuse to be cheap about it (unless you forgot to study for tomorrow’s prelim).



6. And if you do get sick….


Sometimes coming down with a cold is inevitable – no matter how healthy you are. If this happens to you, here are some suggestions to expedite the recovery process: (1) Stay in, even if it’s a Saturday. (2) Drink tea & Gatorade. (3)  Keep your germs to yourself, because the rest of us don’t want them.