Author: Catherine Giese

This week is Healthy Relationships Week, which means it’s time to give some extra lovin’ to all those amazing friends, family members, and significant others that we may normally take for granted. In honor of this week, here are some acts of gratitude you can carry out to show your loved ones how much you care .


1. Compliment them.


A heartfelt compliment is enough to make anyone’s day. This person rocks your socks off, so let them know! Make sure that it’s about their killer personality, though; it means a lot more than a remark about how on point their hair looks.


2. Deliver their favorite food.


Your bestie’s Taste of Thai order is Pad See Ew with chicken, and she downs Green Tea bubble tea with no milk, half sugar and grass jelly like it’s her job. Order some and surprise her in the library. Food is the surefire way to anyone’s heart.


3. Have a night with no agenda.


It can be a spa night, a movie night, or a game night with someone who’s special to you. Don’t set any rules, tasks, or a time limit. Just hang out and fully enjoy being with them.


4. Call your parents and tell them how much they mean to you.


Parents can be, well, parents, but they are also some of the best people in the world. They raised you and, for better or for worse, are largely responsible for who you are. Call them, thank them, love them – they deserve it.


5. Make a post on social media.


We can all acknowledge that relationships broadcast over social media aren’t necessarily our favorite posts on our feeds, but who doesn’t love a little time in the spotlight every once in awhile? Post a cute picture or write something thoughtful on someone’s timeline. Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy, but haters gonna hate.


6. Give them a hug.


It’s so simple, but who doesn’t appreciate a large, suffocating “I love you” hug? All the love that can’t be expressed in words is now squeezing the life out of the object of your affection. How adorable is that?


7. Write a note.


It can be as long or as short as you see fit. Sometimes it’s easier to get out how much we care on paper and the old fashioned touch may just be enough to make ‘em cry (happy tears only, of course). Glitter and/or candy accompaniment is highly encouraged.


Our social networks keep us going, but it’s still all too easy to carry out a day without giving too much thought to how much the people who surround you light up your life. So this week let them know how much you love them by giving a little light back.