Just got back a mean prelim? Did your crush fail to make an appearance at his usual spot in the library? Pooping your pants because finals are only a week away? Just having a rough day? Don’t worry! Here are seven excellent spots to cry on campus to let out all of your possible daily frustrations:


1Your College’s Advising Office


Yes, we are all bright individuals. We made it to Cornell. We’re in the Ivy League. Nonetheless, we often find ourselves feeling incompetent after the return of a brutal prelim with a failing mean and a double-digit standard deviation. There is no better place to cry it out than your advising office. No matter how low you feel, the faculty will assure you that, in fact, everything is okay and that feeling inept at one point or another is a part of the Cornell experience. Don’t worry, trust the process.


2Study room in Mann


Some people need their own space to cry. If you’re in public and not trying to disturb the peace, book a study room in Mann Library. Those walls and doors are so noise dampening that you can sob as loud as you please without anyone knowing.


3Graduate cubicles in Kroch


More of a silent crier? If this sounds like you, the cubicles on the second floor of Kroch Library in the back of Olin are the place for you. Take comfort in the minimalistic scenery as you lament on your own in a gray box assigned to some grad student somewhere. They will never even know you came.


4Cornell Cinema in the basement of Willard Straight


If you’re crazy stressed, your best remedy might just be going to the basement of Willard Straight. Procrastinating with a two-hour indie film is always the move. If you cry, no one will know if it’s from the movie or your reflections on life.




Pre-med or STEM major? Yup. PSB is the perfect place to cry over a ridiculously tedious lab report or studying for an impossible prelim at any hour of the day. Being open 24/7 allows for unlimited space for a good sob sesh.


6The stacks


While some people may be trying to fulfill #1 on the list of 161 things every Cornellian should do, I’m sure you, crying in a cubicle, will be quite inconspicuous. Apart from that, the stacks might be the most depressing place on campus, so the shedding of a few tears is quite understandable.


7A room in The Statler


When you’re sad, sometimes you just gotta love yourself. What’s more calming than a reservation with room service at the Statler? Lounge and dine like royalty in the comfort of a queen sized bed with white sheets, tv before you, and delicate tears rolling down your cheeks.