With prelims are on the horizon, procrastination is at an all-time high. But what if, in true college fashion, you’ve already watched all the “must-see” shows on your bucket list? It’s times like these where the only way to turn is to the shows in the unexplored depths of Netflix. Here’s a guide to procrastination for when you’ve already watched… literally everything else.



Brace yourselves for a movie rich with tropes and lewd innuendos. If you’re looking for something brainless, bloody, and wonderful, this is it.


2Joe Vs. The Volcano


Joe (aka Young Tom Hanks) is all of us. He transforms from a workaholic under fluorescent lights (not unlike the Olin stacks) to a man stranded on floating luggage in the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a portable bar. (Terrible, right?).




If you’re studying animal science, this might be a bit of a rude awakening to the emergency protocols of running a zoo. Think Jurassic park, but much, much worse.


4True Memoirs of an International Assassin


Let’s just say that the movie is about as straightforward as its title. Kill shot? Not convinced, but it’ll do for two hours of explosions and cheesy guy-getting-girl-out-of-his-league action if need be.


5The Ouija Experiment 2


If you’ve finished binge-watching American Horror Story and are in withdrawal, this might be the series for you. This is the prescription for if you want to stay up working all night because you might be too scared to sleep. You were warned!


6Death Note (Live Action)


For any of you who want to throw back to the good ol’ days of watching anime instead of spending endless hours in a studio, this cartoonish (live action) remake may be a good way to kill time. And who wouldn’t want to look at this adorable face all day?




The crowning jewel of “the best of the worst,” this cult favorite will both equally disturb and distract you. Good thing Ithaca’s so far inland–even though cats and dogs fall from the sky, they’re not as bad as sharks.