7 Lessons for the New School Year, from the Epic Taylor-Kimye Feud


Author: Alison Spandorfer

In case you somehow missed it, this summer Taylor Swift and the equally famous celeb couple Kimye got into the feud to end all feuds. Their complex, on-again, off-again friendship has come to a close, and the drama is only just beginning. While for most of us this strife provided just great entertainment, a lot can be learned from these events. With O-Week about to begin and classes about to start, we’re here with 7 important lessons to start you off with a great semester:




1Snapchat away:


Whether you want to share a video of yourself gorge-jumping, or just want to send selfies to all of your hometown friends, Snapchat is 100% there for you.


2Hang out with your squad:


Like Taylor, know that you can always rely on your squad to stick with you through thick and thin. Take the time to reconnect with your old friends, and have the best time hanging out with them during this O-Week.


3Don’t pull a Kanye:


Yes, Bey we’d be flattered too…but don’t ruin someone else’s moment and don’t try to take credit for someone else’s success. That means putting everyone’s name on the group project, even if you’re the only one who did the work.


4Sometimes it’s best to just let it go:


Sticking up for yourself and those you love is important, but choose your battles. Your job for the next few days is to have a dope welcome week and a great start to the semester, so if it’s not worth your time, let it slide. You’ll feel much better about it, and avoid potential backlash from others if you can learn to just let it go.


5Know what you’re getting into:


Tswift made the mistake of letting Kanye sing about her before she knew everything he was planning to say. Do yourself a favor and ask the right questions. That means before you go gorge jumping, make sure you know where you’re going. Pretty simple, really.


6Be careful with what goes out on social media:


Once it’s out there, there’s no telling how fast it’ll spread or who will see it. Taylor learned this the hard way with Kim–and faced the consequences with the Clapback Heard Around the World.


7Friends > Enemies


Of course not everyone can be your friend, but your time at Cornell will be greatly enhanced if you at least try to stay on friendly terms with the people you encounter here every day.

So, with these tips in mind, make the best of your O-Week and have a great start to your semester!