Remember your first O-Week? It was probably a pretty crazy week: meeting new people and making new friends, touring the campus, and moving into your dorm are just a few of the experiences we can all remember. But do you remember not knowing what to expect during your first O-Week? Right now, over 3,000 new students are wondering what to expect when they arrive in August — as an Orientation Leader, you can make sure they have an unforgettable experience. In case you need some convincing, here’s a few reasons you should apply to become an Orientation Leader!


1Volunteers Live Longer and Healthier Lives

No fake news here — it’s scientifically proven!


2It Counts for Volunteer Hours

Need to rack up some (fun) volunteer hours? As an Orientation Leader you’ll get 36 hours under your belt!


3 Nothing Beats Giving Back to the Big Red Community

Want to feel good about yourself? Knowing that you’re giving back to the community is the perfect way to do so!


4 It’s a Great Resume Builder

Stand out from the competition as a Cornell Orientation leader!


5 You Get a Free T-Shirt

Because you can never get enough of those while you’re in college.


6 You’ll Make Amazing New Friends

Whether it’s during training with your fellow Orientation Leaders or during O-Week with your new students, you’re bound to make a few fantastic friends along the way.


7You’ll Be a Role Model for New Students

With 8-12 students in your group, you have a great opportunity to be a role model and a resource for new students to turn to during their first few days here on the hill!


Applications close on March 21st, at 11:59 PM so apply today!