Author: Jacky Falkenberg Give up juicy steak, warm scrambled eggs, greasy bacon, AND gooey cheese? Sounds crazy, I know – but no one ever said going vegan was easy. Here are seven reasons why you’d have to be crazy to make the pledge – and, when you think about it, why it actually isn’t that crazy.


1. “There’s no variety”

Possibly the thing people complain about most is the food you miss out on by going vegan. What they don’t realize is that there’s so much more food they start enjoying even more instead. Did anyone say smoothie bowls?


2. “But you can’t have turkey at Thanksgiving”

Though it may be tradition, skipping out on a turkey meal once a year really isn’t that bad. Plus, there are so many other alternatives that will satisfy that craving you have for fall food.


3. “You can never have decent dessert again!”

Yes, maybe you’ll feel left out when your friends all want to grab fro-yo… but there are entire blogs devoted to making delicious vegan desserts you can eat. Plus, there’s nothing better than eating dessert that is healthy but doesn’t taste that way.


4. “You probably get sick of it, no?”

There’s a reason vegans talk about being vegan all the time, and it isn’t because it’s annoying. It’s because they are in love with their cruelty-free, yet still delicious, lifestyle!


5. “Where’s your source of protein?”

There’s an entire debate around how vegans get an adequate amount of protein, but believe it or not, most plants actually contain a lot! Not to mention – it gives them an excuse to eat more peanut butter, and who wouldn’t want that?


6. “You have to eat salad every day”

If salad were the only thing vegans could eat, then vegans couldn’t even be vegan. Companies have even started creating vegan alternatives to cheez-its, pizza, ice cream, and practically every other food you could possibly crave on a no-animal-product diet.


7. “Who even chooses to live that way?”

Beyonce and Ariana. Need I say more?