As Cornellians, we know the “season” of winter basically lasts the whole school year. Even so, we are completely taken by surprise (and complain to no end) when the first bout of cold weather comes each year. If you, like me, forgot how quickly the seasons change around here, you might be able to relate to some of these struggles.


1Not having a winter jacket

We were lucky to have nice weather that lasted unseasonably long (at least for Ithaca). We went home for fall break when it was the quintessential fall, thinking winter was far in our futures. Whether you forgot your winter jacket at home like me, or are waiting to buy a new one, you have probably struggled through the past few cold days in layers.


2Not wanting to wear a winter jacket

Even if you were smart enough not to leave your warm jackets at home, you may have feared you were breaking out your light down jacket a little too early. Fear not–I already saw several students wearing their Canada Gooses (Geese?).


3Needing winter accessories

Related to the point above, I also forgot my gloves at home and had to buy new ones. Do I look ridiculous in these puffy mittens? Is it too early to wear that cute “Cornell” fleece headband? Probably, but the cold weather gear displays at the Cornell Store suggest otherwise.


4Cold weather slump

You may have recently noticed that your classes are looking empty, more students are coming in late, and the libraries are less crowded. It’s not just because of midterm and prelim season–this is the evildoing of cold weather that makes us more tired and cranky, and less motivated to walk to class.


5Tabling outside

Many clubs still chose Ho Plaza as their tabling location, likely planned before this “unexpected” cold weather. Maybe they thought they would get more people to stop by their table out of sympathy, but the baked goods they’re selling might need to be defrosted before eating.


6Turning on the heat

During the first few really cold days, you probably complained about the lack of heat in your building or dorm room. You might have cursed your landlord, only to realize that you have to adjust the heat yourself. Fights ensue between your roommates over whose room needs more heat.


7Not wanting to go out

A few weeks ago, you were always down for going out to dinner, froyo trips, and #lit nights out. Suddenly you find yourself more content staying inside, wearing sweats and Netflix and Chill-ing…as in, it’s really chilly outside.


The cold came as a surprise to many of us, but let’s face it–we go to school in Ithaca, so nothing about the weather should be a surprise. Just remember: it only gets colder from here.