Author: Anna Ravenelle


Though we tend to stick to routine and blast our favorite playlists on repeat, the same 25 songs can get boring very quickly. That’s where Spotify comes in.


Though you might not have explored them all, Spotify has over 30 categories of pre-made playlists. From basics like Pop, Hip Hop, and RnB to more specialized ones like white noise (Sleep), Comedy and Spoken Word, there’s probably a playlist already made for that weird mood when none of your usual favorites are cutting it.


With each category having dozens of individualized playlists, from Country’s “Chillin’ on a Dirt Road” to my personal favorite, “Relive Harry Potter,” there is a playlist for literally every conceivable occasion.


Here are seven playlists to get you through a Cornell week.


Sunday: Cinematic Chill Out


This playlist is filled with movie soundtrack scores that move the action along in various films. While you’re spending your Sunday night doing all the work you should have been doing the rest of the weekend, these dramatic tunes will motivate you to action without distracting away from the task at hand.


Monday: Caffeine Rush


After the late night doing Sunday’s homework, the walk to class Monday morning is killer. Between this playlist and your morning PSL, your Monday morning walk will be slightlyless Mondayish.


Tuesday: Confidence Boost


After the evening prelim you probably just failed, you need something to make you feel like less of a disappointment, something that will tell you the truth: you didn’t actually fail and you’re a perfect human being as you are. Confidence Boost will get you pumped up about who you are and remind you that grades aren’t everything and there are other things to celebrate in your life.


Wednesday: HIIT | High Intensity Tracks


By Hump Day, you’ll need to work off all of the stress that’s built up throughout the week. With your prelim behind you and the next one not coming for a week or two, you can finally focus on what’s really important: your fitness. This playlist will get you pumped up with high intensity songs you might not already know, so when you’re busting out an hour on the elliptical, you won’t be tempted to sing along. (Fun fact: while doing cardio, you should be able to comfortably talk but not sing).


Thursday: Throwback Jams


For #ThrowbackThursday, this playlist will bring you back to that seventh grade dance floor, screaming along to lyrics you would now be embarrassed to hear any twelve-year-old sing.


Friday: Songs to Sing in the Car


When you’re getting ready to head to Collegetown on Friday night, this playlist is the perfect combination of current hits and songs from the past to get you pumped up and singing along before you paint the town (big) red.


Saturday: Lazy Weekend


That massive hangover isn’t going to cure itself. When chilling out with an Advil and bottle of water, this playlist is mellow enough not to exacerbate the headache leftover from Friday’s activities. And by the evening, still too exhausted from the day before, you’ll be asking bae to “Spotify and chill?” with this song selection.