We’ve reached the point in the semester where we are torn between the crushing weight of prelims, papers and projects, and the nostalgia that comes with realizing how fast the school year has gone by. With hours spent in the library, imminent bad weather and several other trials and tribulations we face as Cornellians, it’s easy to get hung up on the negative things. But as you prepare to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday to eat good food, spend time with family, and reflect on what you’re grateful for, consider adding some of these things to your list.   

1Uber coming to upstate New York


The beginning of this school year brought a much anticipated change to the transportation scene in Ithaca. Many freshman naively came into this luxury expecting nothing less, but us upperclassmen know the struggles of a Collegetown Cab-only Cornell. Now when someone tries to argue Ithaca is a middle-of-nowhere small town, you can proudly say we have Uber.

2Renovated Gannett Cornell Health

For those who haven’t been to the new health center–props to you for not getting sick–you are really missing out on quite the swanky establishment. The entrance on Ho Plaza leads into a bright open atrium, with an easily accessible elevator and staircase to upper floors. Unlike the old closet-sized store, the new pharmacy has mini aisles each labeled with its products, pretty much stocked with everything you need to get better, from soothing teas, to various cold medicines, and candy bars.

3The Weather

I know what you’re thinking–why would we ever be thankful for Ithaca’s frigid temperatures? While the recent bout of chilly weather may have caused us to forget, we actually experienced the season known as fall in Ithaca this year. Some of us only just recently gave in to wearing our heavy down coats, hats, and scarves. We just had our first snow so it’s officially winter in Ithaca, but we should be grateful it didn’t come much earlier.

4Mac’s and Terrace Pop-Up Stations


Beginning just this fall, Statler has stepped up its food game. Every Friday since October 13th, Terrace restaurant has featured a pop-up food station that is unlike any other station at Terrace or Macs, or any other eatery on campus for that matter. Past weeks have included a build-your-own waffle bar, ice cream sandwiches, and Thanksgiving turkey bowl station. While we might wish we could have these treats regularly, our BRB balances would not.

5Wegman’s Delivery

ICYMI, everyone’s favorite grocery store in Ithaca now offers delivery service right to your door. Now you don’t have to worry about finding a ride downtown to buy food at Wegman’s, or running into your professor on a crowded Sunday night. The company says delivery could take as little as an hour, which is less time than you would probably spend in the store, easily distracted by all the possibilities of what to get for dinner. As busy college students, this is a time-saving luxury we definitely should be thankful for.

6New Eateries in Collegetown


Everyone knows CTB, CTP, and Jack’s are Collegetown staples for late-night or quick bites. But new restaurants just this year are changing the food scene. With places like Wings Over Ithaca, Pokeland, and Old Mexico Express, late night eats have just gotten more exciting. These are definitely a bit more exotic than the typical slice of pizza or bagel, but if you’re the adventurous type or just want a change of pace, you should be happy to know you have more options.

7Construction Ending on Campus

Along with the completion of Cornell Health, construction elsewhere on campus and its surrounding area has mostly ceased. I know I’m not the only one who is thankful I no longer have to take detours on my walking or driving routes to get where I need to go. The disappearance of mounds of dirt and cranes around campus has made our school ~gorges~ once again. The new seating areas in front of Mann on the Ag Quad and Schwartz Center in Collegetown also make campus look nicer and more inviting.

Thanksgiving is not just a break from classes or a holiday dedicated to eating; it’s a time to think about all the good things in our lives, big or small, and be thankful for them. Cornell has had its ups and downs this semester for sure–but we should remember how #blessed we are to go to a school with all its perks and prestige.