After eight months in office, Trump’s approval rating has fallen to 34%. Some are suggesting that the most recent poll puts Trump in the running for the least popular president ever. For some perspective, Obama’s approval rating at this point in his presidency was 53%, Bush’s was 55%, and Clinton’s was 44%. Here are some other things that are all more popular than Trump:

1The Rotten Tomatoes Rating of Justin Bieber Movie: 64%

At a whopping 64%, The Justin Bieber Movie has nearly twice the approval rating of Donald Trump. To be fair, this glorious tour documentary starring a pre-pubescent Bieber was shown in 3D, so it is hard for our president to compete with that.  Maybe the president should take a cue from the pop idol. In the wise words of Justin Bieber:

“Yeah I know that I let you down

Is it too late to say I’m sorry now?”

2The percentage of a McNugget that is actually chicken: 40-50%

For McNugget fans, it may not be surprising that chicken nuggets have a higher percentage of meat than this country has people who approve of the president. For those who were skeptical of McNuggets, rest assured knowing that they have more chicken than Trump has the trust and confidence of our nation.

3The percentage of Americans who believe aliens have visited Earth: 45%

True, the percentage of people who believe aliens have visited Earth is surprisingly high. But it is still a minority of the population, and it is still higher than the percentage of people who believe in President Trump.

4The percentage of people who like candy corn: 52%

Candy corn: it is unnaturally neon, its texture resembles plastic, and eating more than five will inevitably make you sick to your stomach. Even the most polarizing (read: disgusting) of all Halloween candies is more well-liked than Trump.

5The percentage of people who approve of  Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad: 44%

According to one poll, 44% of people said that they had a more favorable view of Pepsi after watching Kendall’s infamous ad. For those of you who never saw it (maybe because it was pulled off the air after just one day), it starred the supermodel, who united protesters and police with a can of pepsi. Tone-deaf, insensitive, and cringeworthy as it is, it is still more popular than Trump.

6The percentage of people who like commuting: 38%

Traffic jams, road rage, and squeezing into a metal tube with sweaty strangers all have a higher approval rating than Trump. To be fair, the participants in this study were Canadian, and they probably approve of everything.

7Taylor Swift’s approval rating after the “Famous” controversy: 55%

To briefly summarize this divisive feud, Kanye claimed that he had called Taylor to get her approval for his lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why, I made that bitch famous”, but she denied it and publicly criticized him. Since Kanye always likes to keep the cameras rolling in case he decides to make a documentary about his life (don’t we all?), Kim had ACTUAL FOOTAGE of the phone call, which she released on Snapchat.

Taylor’s reputation plummeted, members of her squad abandoned her left and right, and she was bombarded with snake emojis on her social media accounts. But even after all that, 55% of people still said they felt favorably about Taylor Swift.

A lot of us did not want Trump to be president. But once the results were in, many of us (including President Obama), were hoping for his success, and that he would defy our expectations and rise to the office of the presidency. With almost three and a half years left in his presidency, here’s to hoping that he can still turn things around, because this constant disappointment is exhausting.