1Kimmy Schmidt: Unbreakable and Adorable


For cute everyday outfits to wear to class, look no further than the crowd-pleasing cutie, Kimmy Schmidt. While Kimmy’s not exactly up-to-date with today’s tech (“hashbrown” and “hashtag” are two very different things), she definitely knows how to make a colorful fashion statement. Emulating her look on campus is easy– grab the brightest floral print you can find, throw on a vibrant cardigan, and you’ll look like Ithaca’s nonexistent spring. None of your friends will ever guess that you’re actually a mole-woman watching Netflix in your pajamas every night.


2Scandal: It’s Handled


For a prim, polished, and career-fair ready look, turn to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope, aka TV’s reigning Head Bitch in Charge. Her style and confidence speak ten times louder than any resume (but resumes are pretty important, too). In a slick suit or bold black and white pieces, you’re sure to turn heads while waiting on three-hour lines to the Statler Ballroom.


3Arrow: Lawyer by Day, Badass by Night


Get Laurel’s trademark pre-law-by-day look with bold jewelry pieces and a classic heel. And while at night Laurel scours the streets for crime in her Black Canary getup, you can go out for the weekend with an equally kick-ass look. Even though the black mask may only work for costume parties, Laurel’s leather look (or pleather, for the environmentally conscious) is always an option.


4Game of Thrones: Prelims are Coming


As Cersei Lannister would say, “When you play the game of [cramming], you either win or you die,” which certainly applies when fighting the curve in Chem 2070. Whether it’s Physics, PAM, or Psychology, channel your inner Cersei for the killer focus you need to slay your prelims. For an easy yet regal library look, copy Cersei’s half-updo and loose, comfy clothing. And if you’re feeling it, maybe indulge in her trademark glass of wine to help you wind down after conquering a whole week’s reading in one day.


5New Girl: Wow-o-wow-o-wow.


If you wear glasses like New Girl‘s Jess, don’t hide behind them! Work those frames on casual Sunday mornings after a night of gallivanting through Collegetown with your baes. Glasses are the perfect brunch staple; you’ll look smart and ready to take on the next week of classes (all while concealing your residual hangover).


6Mad Men: Make-Up Tips


The 1960s practically invented the hot secretary look, but Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway took it a step further. Show that you’re in charge on campus with a bold lipstick and eyeliner combo. Take it from the ultimate business exec: if you want to be taken seriously at Clubfest or quarter-carding on Ho Plaza, you have to look the part.




Sophia Burset of Orange is the New Black has the best style of anyone in prison–or out of prison, for that matter. While it would be tough to rock an orange jumpsuit to class, it’s simple to emulate Sophia’s skincare techniques. Moisturize religiously  to keep up a glowing complexion, even when the sun doesn’t shine (like in Litchfield Women’s Prison or at Cornell in winter).