As school begins to wind down and finals season goes into full swing, it’s important to have strategies to relieve the stress that accompanies final exams and assignments. It’s easy to get caught up in work towards the end of the year, but we must remember to enjoy this time and understand that final season doesn’t have to be the worst season. Here are some easy ways to help make this finals season the ~chillest~ one yet.


1Take naps

This may seem obvious, but the importance of sleep cannot be overstressed. Whether it’s for an hour or only thirty minutes, naps provide a boost in energy and a recharge for the day. Next time you feel like your mind is going crazy while writing an essay or like you’re dozing off while studying, it may be best to just take a break and rest–your body will thank you later.


2Plan a fun study break with friends

This could include using the afternoon to hangout in the commons or going gorge jumping if the weather allows. Catching a movie at Cinemopolis or going to a Wine and Design class might be just the thing you need to relieve some of the stress of cramming all day from the library.


3Treat yourself to a good meal

As we all know from our campus tour, Ithaca has more restaurants per capita of any city in the country, and some of the best. Although you may have already tried every Indian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, or Italian place in town, it doesn’t hurt to just sit down and have a fun, delicious meal with friends. Great conversation over a tasty meal has never done anyone any harm.


4Enjoy the (finally) beautiful weather

For about 80% of the year, Cornellians fear the outdoors. It’s ironic, then, that the time of year when we can finally feel the sun coincides with a slew of tests and fifteen page papers that keep us trapped in the library. How do we break this vicious cycle? Take a couple minutes each day to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Leaving Olin for twenty minutes may seem detrimental to your studying routine, but the combination of a break and fresh air will help you study better!


5Sweat it out

This may not work for everyone, but if you enjoy the rush that working out gives you, this option can work wonders. Taking a break to hit the gym can make a world of difference when feeling stressed and tense. You don’t have to get on the treadmill and run five miles (unless you want to!), but doing yoga or spinning can help relieve the tension in your muscles and help to make you feel more calm.


6Netflix and chill out

We all have the one television show or movie that makes us feel better when we’ve had a bad couple of days. Whether it’s Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, or reruns of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s important to laugh and feel good about life during finals season. Escaping into television and/or movies can help do that.  


7Start planning your summer

Constantly reminding ourselves of all the wonderful things summer has to offer might seem counterintuitive, but keeping summer on the mind and making plans might just be the motivation we need to keep going when it’s 2AM and there are three finals in the next 48 hours. It may be hard, but remember that each day of suffering is a day closer to summer vacation: three months to enjoy the warm weather, see your home friends again and, most of all, sleep. After all, this is what we’ve been working towards all year, so we might as well finish strong.