Author: Alanna Fichtel

While the recent warm weather has been a blessing, it is also a sad reminder that the end of the semester is near. If you’re feeling nostalgic about the move-in day that feels like yesterday, you’re not alone. So take some time to reflect on the school year and try some of these activities to ensure you enjoy the time you have left this year at Cornell.

1. Eat at your favorite places on campus.

Photo by Alanna Fichtel
Photo by Alanna Fichtel


Whether you’ve been at Cornell for one year or four, you must have a favorite lunch spot. How could one ever get sick of Terrace salads or Trillium quesadillas? Whatever they are, eat as many of your favorite lunches as you can before you go home and realize you like the food at school more than you thought.

2. Make a new friend in a class.

Talk to that cute boy or girl you’ve been eyeing all semester. They’ve probably noticed you staring and might start to think it’s weird if you don’t say something soon. It may be the end of the semester, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be the beginning of a friendship. Read: it’s formal season.

3. Attend a performance by a group at Cornell.

You probably have multiple quarter cards in your jacket pockets with details for many of the shows coming up, so you might as well check one out. Forget about how you’re not a very talented dancer or singer by watching people who are. Maybe you’ll be inspired to perfect (or develop) your skills over the summer and audition for a group in the fall.

4. Explore the Commons.

If you had to look at Google Maps to find it, you should definitely take a trip to Ithaca’s outdoor mall and spend a sunny afternoon eating and shopping with some friends. If you’re a frequent traveler to the downtown area, visit a store or restaurant you’ve never been to yet.

5. Find a new study spot on campus.

Yeah, you may have Instagrammed a picture of the A.D. White Library, but if you’ve never actually studied there, it’s never too late to start. Try out a few new locations so you’ll be ready to settle down and study for finals. Coming down with spring fever? Take your books outside and work on your tan while you get stuff done.

6. Listen to Chance the Rapper.

The biggest party of the year is right around the corner, and it’s time to get pumped! Even if you insist that you’re not a fan of this year’s headliner, don’t let it ruin your Slope Day spirit. Ask some friends to suggest to you their favorite songs (hint, “Favorite Song”). You may find a new artist you love. Or hate. Either way, you’ll be ready to back up your opinions on this year’s Slope Day.

7. Thank a professor.

If you really enjoyed a particular class this semester, let your professor know. You could write them a stellar review on Rate My Professor, but personally telling them what you got out of their class might help you both feel like this year has been fulfilling.

It’s often hard to take advantage of everything Cornell and Ithaca have to offer, but if you have the opportunity, it will definitely be worth it. Filling your last few weeks of the year with fun and memorable activities will remind you just how lucky you are to be a Cornellian.