For many Cornellians, the abrupt transition into summer-esque sunshine after months of freezing cold is a strange thing to weather. While you’re overcome with joy, there’s an unfamiliarity to walking around campus with bare arms and open-toed shoes. If you’ve found that you don’t know what to do with yourself now that spring has arrived, fear not! With these simple tips, your jump between seasons will be seamless.

1Honor your winter coat


As you trade your winter gear for all of your delightful warm-weather-wear, make sure you pay proper respects to your bulky winter coat before you store it away for the next few months. After all, you’d have frozen to death before spring’s arrival without it.

2Brace yourself for cabin fever


Cornell is beautiful in the spring, but you’ll still have classes to attend and work to do in the library. Sure, you can slip out to the slope whenever possible, but you must also prepare for a bit of caginess. It’s a lot easier to be cooped up inside when it’s four degrees outside.

3Get outside


As much as you need to prioritize your schoolwork, you should also enjoy the newfound beauty of the Cornell campus. And while enjoying the gorges and its trails, you can get a little sun. Come beach season, you don’t want to look like Olaf.

4Find something else to complain about


Everyone loves to gripe about the tundra-like climate in Ithaca, but if you do so as spring is blossoming blooming, people will just think you’re a wuss. So find something else to fixate on. You still have plenty of options, like your crushing workload or how late your finals go.

5Figure out your summer plans


When you tell people that you don’t have summer internship plans set up yet and there’s snow outside, they’ll nod sympathetically or even commiserate alongside you. The heat will now make it apparent to them that you’ve dropped the ball in a major way, so get moving!

6Dust off your flip-flops


For the past four months you’ve probably been dressing like you’re about to embark on a dog sled race in the Arctic. Now, it’s time to turn your room upside down in search of your favorite sandals and shorts.

7Envision summer


Now, it’s finally safe to fantasize about the end of the school year. After Spring Break we have a little over a month until freedom is ours; we’re nearing the finish line. If you can dream it, you can do it!