Author: Emily Agnew


If you are a sophomore, then you know just how real a struggle the Sophomore Slump is. We use the term to describe a sensation that us second-year college students often face, especially now that winter break is a memory of the past and the stresses of school are starting to fill all time and thought. Here are 8 signs that you may be facing your own sophomore slump. 


1. You forget what it feels like to have motivation.

You used to wake up early on Sundays and wait outside Olin before it opened. Now, you can barely motivate yourself to get to the library at all, and homework has become a not-so-fond pastime.


2. You stare longingly at pictures of juniors abroad.

Seeing the exciting abroad experiences that many juniors are having just makes it harder to get work done in Ithaca, especially when it’s gray and cloudy everyday. You wait anxiously to see the social media updates, filled with weekend trips to Amsterdam, photos of gelato, or nights spent clubbing in Europe. You have resigned to living vicariously through their experiences.


3. Procrastination has become your new main hobby.

You spend all your time complaining about how much you have to do, feeling stressed and overwhelmed. However, when faced with the opportunity to do work, you put it off until the last second. Online shopping? Binge watching TV? Checking Facebook? There’s so much to do, so little time!


4. You find any excuse to take a nap.

Naps are now an essential part of your day and crucial to your survival. You can’t survive a day without taking a short power (or longer) nap. Sometimes you even take two…


5. You constantly have an existential crisis.

“Do I like my major? Am I passionate about this? What will my career be? Am I doing the right thing?” are all thoughts that you have on a daily basis. It suddenly feels like everyone knows exactly what they’re doing with their future, and has an amazing summer internship. You doubt all the choices you have made related to your future, and wonder if you’ll ever graduate.


6. Emotional breakdowns are your new best friend.

Because of the many existential crises that you are having, emotional breakdowns happen at least once a day. I mean, it’s exhausting to spend so time wondering if you’ll ever graduate AND make it to Level B before the line is out the door.


7. Class has become a thing of the past.

Will the professor actually notice if I skip my 9:05? The reality of getting out of bed and going to class has become a battle–one that you often lose.


8. You look at freshmen with a sense of superiority.

Freshman year seems like a quaint and simple time, long, long ago. You reminisce about how different things were back then, and how much has changed. In actuality, not much has changed (except now you know it is not acceptable to wear your lanyard in public).


The Sophomore Slump can be a daunting obstacle to overcome, as the excitement and nerves that defined freshman year are now a thing of the past. Though being a sophomore can feel bland or uneventful at times, it is important to remember how nice that you’re no longer freshman who has to worry about who to sit with for RPCC dinner or where to go in Collegetown. It’s time to stop making excuses, and make the best of all that college has to offer.