Author: Priscilla Blum

Classes are almost over and before we know it, we will need to begin packing up our rooms and say goodbye to Cornell for the summer. With the stresses of final exams, projects, and essays, moving out is the last thing on your mind.


Here’s a list of ways to make your move out easy and stress-free so you can spend your extra time with friends instead of attempting to clean your tornado-resembling room


1. Declutter

Before you get down into the nitty-gritty packing you first need to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary items. Start by recycling all of those unwanted quarter cards for events you never went to. Having a neat room will make your packing endeavor 10 times easier because you can actually see what you have left to pack. The sooner you declutter, the simpler packing will be. Plus, you will have a clean room!



2. Handle your hangers.

In order to avoid tangled and stray hangers, using hair or zip ties to keep them together. Section your hangers in groups of 10-12 and wrap an elastic around the top.



3. Separate into piles.

If you separate your belongings first, the packing process will be a lot smoother. Make three piles. Think about things you’re going to use over the summer, things you won’t need until the fall, and items you don’t use anymore. If you didn’t use something all year, consider donating it to Cornell Thrift ( Also, don’t forget to collect any belongings you may have lent to friends or left elsewhere like the jacket you lost on a Saturday night.



4. Work that label maker.

Label your boxes with numbers using a big sharpie to keep everything organized. You will later thank yourself when you are able to differentiate what you are unpacking.



5. Use your dryer sheets.

One uncommon packing hack my mom lives by is putting dryer sheets in boxes and suitcases. Doing this keep clothes, shoes, and bedding smelling fresh after long periods of storage.



6. Check out your storage options.

If you live a plane ride away or don’t want to lug everything home and have to bring it all back up again in August, consider storage rental. There are many places you can choose from including: Storage Squad, Big Red Shipping and Storage, and Ezra Box.



7. Get comfortable!

Before packing, put on comfy clothes you can move around in to do the heavy lifting. But that being said, make sure to wear something you can actively move around in. And no, last night’s pajamas do not count.



8. Ask for help.

Now that the school year is coming to a close, you should seize every opportunity to spend time with friends you won’t see over the summer. Having these people around will help daunting tasks go by quicker. Make it a fun activity by blasting your favorite music and having snack breaks!



Moving out is bittersweet. But don’t worry, summer will fly by and we will all be back home in Ithaca again.