Everyone knows that walking around campus during a blizzard is the worst–especially when that snow is the only thing keeping you from you and food. But the true pros at surviving the winter know that the key to staying warm in Ithaca is to never leave the house and have food delivered straight to your door. After all, why bother going out for food when there are so many great restaurants that will bring the food to you–even if you live next door to them.


1Taste of Thai



If you’ve never gotten this delivered, you’re missing out. I recommend the pad Thai, but you also can’t go wrong with some good curry.  All the food comes in family sized portions so if you’re on a budget you can probably make this last for a few days, or you can just eat it all in one sitting.  Order this through GrubHub.  


2College Town Pizza




All pizza is good pizza, but this pizza is really good pizza.  There are lots of topping possibilities and unique flavor options, but if you prefer the classic cheese that’s totally acceptable too.  Most of the times you’ve eaten CTP have probably been late at night and mostly forgotten, so why not get it delivered and actually remember consuming it?  You can order this Collegetown delicacy through Eatstreet.  






We’ve already covered that pizza is the best. But why not change it up once in awhile and get a calzone instead? After all, calzones are basically just like a pizza sandwich. Calios sells mostly calzones, but they sell any kind of calzone you could possibly want.  Also, Calios delivers until 4AM, so if you’re struck by a late night food craving, it’s the perfect option. Order this through GrubHub or Eatstreet.  


4Luna Inspired Street Food




Perfectly situated next to Loco, Luna is great if you’re interested in high quality, local, healthy-ish food. Their menu ranges from smoked gouda mac and cheese to salads, and they also have vegan alternatives to most of their menu items. Luna also has an entire section of their menu devoted solely to tacos and burritos so you really can’t go wrong.  You can get your Luna fix delivered through either Grubhub or Eatstreet.


5Capital State Kitchen




Sushi isn’t exactly a go-to cozy winter food, but exceptions should be made for food this tasty.  If you order during the day, there are deals that let you buy three rolls for less than $10, but even if you’re ordering it late it’s still a bargain with free delivery. They also have a separate Chinese food delivery service if you want something less glamorous.  Order through GrubHub.


6College Town Bagels




Even though you probably already go here on a regular basis, why bother leaving the house when you can have it brought to you instead?  You may have to order several meals to hit the $15 minimum, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner all delivered at the same time.  Also, for those of you out there who only get bagels from CTB, change it up and try a panini (especially the Zabs). Order through eHungry.  


7Waffle Frolic




You may not have realized that this restaurant delivers, but if you love waffles and breakfast in bed this is the food delivery for you. It only stays open until 4, but if you’re lazy and don’t plan on leaving your house all day this is a perfect weekend brunch option.  You can customize your waffles with pretty much any topping you could imagine, and there are also plenty of vegan options available.  They also have delicious chili if you’re not a waffle person – as if there’s someone who’s not a waffle person. Order through IthacaToGo.  


8Insomnia Cookies




Almost everyone at Cornell has had these delivered at some point in their college career, so you all understand why Insomnia Cookies needed to be included on this list.  These cookies are not only a good late night snack, but you can send them to people as gifts because cookies are the answer to every problem.  It helps that these cookies are usually underbaked and warm when they arrive, because who doesn’t like gooey, melted chocolate chip cookies?  Also, if someone’s birthday is coming up and you are too lazy to buy a nice cake, just send them a cookie cake!  They will probably enjoy it more than a regular cake anyway.  Order through Insomniacookies.  


9Jack’s Grill




This place is great for your typical college food needs.  With a menu including burgers, wings and milkshakes, what’s not to like?  They also have an all day breakfast menu that will give you life after a long weekend.  With daily deals during the week and a discounted specials menu, this is a good place to go if you’re hungry on a budget. Order through GrubHub.