With St. Paddy’s Day just around the corner, many students at Cornell dress in green and go to themed events to celebrate the luck of the Irish. But why limit our luck to one party? We can all find luck in our lives besides on St. Patrick’s Day with these nine lucky things that can occur at Cornell on any given day.


Getting to the laundry room just as someone is taking their clothes out.

There are never enough washers and dryers for more than a handful of students in each residence hall to do their laundry–especially on a Sunday afternoon which, let’s face it, is the ideal time to get it done. More often than not, you’ll find most machines full of clothes that have been done for hours (where are those people?). When your timing is just right, recognize it for the lucky sign it is.





Class ending at 12:53 instead of 12:55.

Those two minutes make all the difference if you’re trying to get a salad at Terrace or Trillium. When your professor typically uses the entire lecture period, you should feel extra lucky being spared the last few minutes of hunger you avoid with cutting the 20 minutes you usually spend in line to buy lunch.



Thinking you missed the TCAT but it’s a few minutes late—like you!

Although TCAT buses run frequently, no one wants to stand in the cold while waiting for the next bus to circle around in ten minutes. It’s the best when you’re running a minute late and you think you just missed the bus, but then you see the headlights turning around the corner. Use your newfound luck in wherever you are going or whatever you are doing next.




Realizing there’s a mistake on your prelim, so your professor gives you a freebie point.

Especially if it’s a difficult multiple choice test, you won’t mind the confusingly worded question if it means that your professor now accepts A, B, C, or D as the correct choice. Enjoy the extra two points that your professor promises to add to your Blackboard score, and feel grateful that everyone else found the test as hard as you did. Hopefully this luck will continue in your favor when the graders decide the curve.




Looking at your lectures ahead of time on Blackboard and discovering that the answers to the iClicker questions are there.

Being prepared for class is always going to benefit you, but it’s especially true if you find the answer to that day’s iClicker question. Every once in awhile, your professor might just put up the slide where choice C is highlighted in red. Remember not to snicker too loudly during the two-minute window you have during lecture to figure out the question and answer it on time.



Finding out the class you’re running late for is canceled.

Amidst the craze that is getting ready in the morning, don’t forget to check your email— you never know when your professor might surprise you and cancel class. Use this luck to your advantage by using your new extra time to finish up your hardest homework, apply for your dream internship, or wave at the hottie you always make eye contact with in Libe.  




Getting back to North campus at 1:45 a.m. instead of 2.

For all you freshmen Nasties-craver’s, discovering it’s still open when you get back from a night out is very lucky. Don’t waste the opportunity—get those mozzarella sticks or your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.



Forgetting your key when your roommate is in the room.

Realizing you forgot your key can ruin your whole day if your roommate has a long day ahead—it may be hours until you’ll be able to access your room. If this happens when your roommate is around, thank your lucky stars (or, at least, your roommate) for what they are.





It’s sunny.

While we‘ve had a handful of mild days this winter, Ithaca is typically covered by some sort of precipitation—whether it’s rain, snow, hail, or a mix. Don’t take those few sunny days for granted and enjoy the time you can spend outside!





It is human nature to focus on all the unlucky things that happen to us, which is why it is so important to appreciate the many lucky things that inevitably occur as well. Nevertheless, enjoy a day supposedly filled with good luck—happy St. Paddy’s Day!