We all love the scenic walk to class and instagramming the falling leaves on the Arts Quad– but here’s the dark side, the gritty truth about the difficulties of dressing for Fall weather (as told by the internet).

1Dressing for outside, only to realize it’s a totally different season inside


We all know that feeling when it’s forty-five degrees out, and we’re bundled up in a scarf, gloves, jacket, vest, sweatshirt– no, just me? In any case, over-dressing is a conditioned fear for those living in Ithaca. So the next time you walk into class panting and shedding layers, don’t fret. We’ve all been there.

2Going to sleep snuggly, but waking up sweaty


Much like walking to class, it’s important to bundle up when you go to sleep. We can universally agree it’s possibly the best thing ever to go to sleep cocooned in blankets when it’s cold out… but when the crappy dorm heating finally kicks in, it can resort to you waking up with unwarranted sweat.

3Wearing ALL the layers to prepare for every temperature


Layers are key. If you get nothing else from this article, remember that. You can be prepared for the stifling second floor of Goldwin Smith and the freezing air-conditioned Libe Cafe all with a little bit of planning in the morning.

4When you have to carry your jacket around instead of wearing it


Jackets weren’t intended to be an accessory. But we all can understand if you’re halfway to class and start regretting wearing that Canada Goose on a 50 degree day.

5Either liking or loving the classic Starbucks outfit accessory


It functions as a hand-warmer and a tote-able symbol of your coffee addiction. Don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with your baggy eyes and the I-have-a-prelim-coming-up-I’m-desperate-for-caffeine expression on your face.

6Ditch crop tops and muscle tees for glorified pajamas


Instead of worrying over that summer stomach, fully embrace your ‘winter bod’ by going to class in oversized sweaters and sweatpants. The whole “aesthetically disheveled” look is quite in nowadays (see reference: anything hipster).

7That crunchy fall-boot feel


Fall has us all pine-ing for snow (get it? Get it?) but for now we get to enjoy the season of Bean Boots. Don’t forget to jump into a pile of leaves while wearing them.

8If you’re a ginger and the whole world is now onto your color scheme


It is the one time of year that gingers can use nature as their own accessory. Congratulations, gingers, you match with everything! You’re also way ahead of the game in storing up Vitamin-D for the *cringe* long winter ahead.

9All around, just looking fab in your fall styles


Embrace this period when wearing orange and sipping on pumpkin-spiced flavored drinks while you can, because before you know it, it’ll be Peppermint Latte season.