Adjusting to college life comes with its ups and downs. You’re constantly meeting new people and learning new things all while attempting to keep your grades from slipping into a deep, dark hole. But at least you’re only new once right? Well, yes, unless you decide to transfer schools. You would think after being a new student  I’d  have it down but it turns out I’m still learning. Here are just some of the things I’ve learned being a sophomore transfer:

1No matter how many people ask you if you are a freshman, you’re still not.

Yes, it is my first year at Cornell. No, that does not mean I’m a Freshman. But thanks again for asking.

2A prelim is just a normal exam despite how pretentious it sounds.

Exam, test, prelim they all mean the same thing. And no matter what you call it, they all still suck the same amount.

3People will judge you based on where you went before.

Who cares? Roll with it. Your old school was probably dope anyway.

4Have a solid answer to the question, “Why did you transfer?” You’re going to need it.

Whether it’s an eloquently written response or a polite smile coupled with “there were a lot of reasons” have your answer straight. Soon it will become second nature.

5It’s not called cheating when you start off with a clean slate for your GPA; it’s called winning.

Embrace the fresh start you’re given. Handouts don’t come often.

6Transferring is an adjustment.

Try to picture yourself two months into your freshman year. You weren’t adjusted then either. These things take time.

7You’re not alone. No matter how lonely you feel there is always another transfer feeling the same way. Say hello *wink*.

Seriously though, you’re not alone. In 2015, 686 new transfer students enrolled at Cornell. There are plenty of people going through the same experience as you.

8You can love Cornell and your old school.

You don’t have to pick one. You could hate them both too, whatever floats your boat.

9Cornell will never be where you went before, and that’s okay.

Embrace this as the new experience it is. Learn from your past mistakes and apply them to new experiences but always keep moving forward.