Author: Rhythm Kim

Here we are, almost two full months into the school year, and we’re starting to realize we miss several of our most prized possessions from back home. Don’t get us wrong – we love college. But here are nine reasons you may be missing home right now.


1. Your personal space


Unless you live in a single, chances are you’ve been forced to add some restrictions to your daily routine. You can’t just bring home a boy or girl whenever you want, or abruptly strip off all your layers of clothing whenever and wherever you feel like it. You have to make sure you are in the clear with your roommate before you have some freedom.



2. Your own shower


Try not to think about the hundreds of students who have showered in that exact same tub for the past several years as you force yourself to accept that the shower will just get more and more disgusting throughout the year – better make sure to wear your flip flops to prevent some nasty foot fungus.



3. Closet space


Most freshmen have a tendency to pack their entire closet. This is an amateur mistake considering the size of most dorm closets. Next time you pack, make sure you prevent yourself from packing those neon-colored jackets you thought looked good at one point.


4. Laundry


With the limited number of machines available, your only hope of clean clothing is staying up late or waking up at the wee hours of dawn to get in your fair share of laundry time.



5. Easy access to stores


Back when you had a car (or your parents were there to drive you around), you were able to conveniently drop by the nearest store whenever you pleased. Now, you have to rely on the TCAT or catch a cab just so you can get your basic necessities.



6. Your bed at home


At school, you are sleeping on a cold, hard mattress, dreaming about the cozy, queen-sized bed you have at home. You wake up in a stiff position every morning – but you’re still not quite sure whether you should use your limited amount of money to invest in a memory foam mattress.



7. Home-cooked meals


You never really thought about how good your family’s home cooking was until you started to eat Bo burgers at Nasties everyday. You miss all the homemade recipes. You miss the taste of love.



8. Your bedtime


You’re either staying up late because your roommates are – or going to sleep early because your roommates are. Who needs a clock to tell you when to sleep when you can judge the time according to their sleep schedule?


9. Your pets


Everyone misses their favorite pet. Every so often, you even tell your family members to let you facetime them. Just looking at your little buddies can relieve so much of your stress, but all you really want is for them to be there right by your side.


Nostalgia may be hitting you hard right now, but we assure you it’ll pass. You may not have been able to bring everything you wanted to college, but now is the time to really make a home out of your home away from home.



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