It is the start of spring semester, yet the irony of returning to a campus covered in snow and sitting in below-freezing temperatures makes winter a more appropriate season. After a long semester break, hopefully you are ready and refreshed to begin familiarizing yourself with a new load of courses, professors, term papers, and weekly assignments. While the first day of classes can potentially make you feel excited, overwhelmed, worried, or anywhere in between, here are some things that will go on in your mind without a doubt on the first day of classes.


1“I miss break.”

When you pack up your backpack for the first day of classes, surely the realization will hit you that relaxation time is over and it is time to think again, ready or not.


2I can do this.”

Of course, you will try to convince yourself that you got this. You know what classes you must attend, where they are on campus, and what time you should get out of bed in the morning. Nothing could go wrong, right?


3I’m late, again.”

Wrong. Despite your best efforts to avoid the snooze button, you push it four or five times to wake yourself up—who wakes up before 8 a.m. on vacation?! Your body is not accustomed to early wake-up times, and therefore it is harder to push yourself from the comfy sheets. When you are finished rushing around your dorm room to prepare yourself for the day, you realize you are running late. No worries, though—just walk faster up those hills.


4My calves are so sore.”

You’ll realize soon enough how much you work out your calves while you live on campus–especially if you are trying to speed-walk to class to make up for lost time. Even if you stayed in shape over the vacation, your legs are in for a rude awakening when you walk up the Slope again.


5“I need more coffee.”

You’re allowed to have more than one cup on the first day of the new semester. Don’t worry–you have plenty of BRBs to spend on an afternoon drink!


6“My schedule sucks.”

While you are hopefully pleased with most of your classes, you know you’ll need to use the add/drop period to your advantage. You tell your friends you are trying to move the time of your Chemistry discussion or drop a seminar altogether.


7“How am I this tired after one day?”

By the end of the day, you are tired and ready for it to be over. However, there is plenty to do before your head hits the pillow.


8“I forgot how to do work.”

Yes, with all the amazing perks of being a Cornell student comes working and reading. You had six weeks or so to relax, yet somehow you’re still mentally unprepared for your upcoming assignments.


9“It feels like we’ve been back forever.”

Time messes with your mind a bit when you return to a familiar place after a long period spent away. With one full day under your belt, you probably feel as if you have been back on the Slope for weeks. Good news—it’s only day one.